Just pre-ordered SV5 but no beta for me play, wtf?


can’t find it on playstation store. I’m based in the UK btw

I’m in the UK too on the PS$ and never I got to play the beta either. I pre-ordered on Amazon UK and there was no beta deal there. Then I cancelled for the Digital Deluxe Edition on PS Store EU. I was going to pre-order from Best Buy USA for the Cammy Battle costume but it turns out that they don’t ship outside of the USA.

It seems that the people from our region who did get to play signed up for the first beta months ago and have gotten access since. Or they could have pre-ordered from one of the participating retailers such as Amazon USA or PS Store.

So yeah, a few of us Europeans were unlucky I guess.

If you pre-ordered it before this weekend, then it should be listed under the main SFV page.

If you just pre-ordered it now, then tough luck as there are no more betas.