Just purchased ssf4ae2012 when it was on sale.cannot get alt costumes.help please


So i finally got ssf4 ae 2012 when it was on sale for ten bucks. i was excited to play me some cat woman cammy, and when i downloaded the free alt packages that i thought you get. NONE OF THEM WORK. i have all the free content in the marketplace that was available, and im stuck on how to use my alternate costumes.

do i have to unlock them somehow for some reason, or did i just get screwed by the digital purchase. help a brotha out please. this is the third time im asking about this on srk. lol. im stuck mane

edit. i thought you get all the ssf4 alts for free when you bought ae 2012. am i mistaken. i downloaded the following

ultra costume catalog 2
ultra costume catalog 1


oh, think i found my answer. those costume catalogs are just to view alts online, not actually have them. lol smh. i thought they were free at this point. oh well. delete thread


Depending on which bundle you buy you MIGHT have got them. Are you logged in to GFWL? I know if I’m not logged in my save file doesn’t load and I can’t access DLC, icons, titles, etc