Just put up my website


Come take a look, Sign my tagboard :smiley: I gots Smilies :smiley: Lol I’ma be addin up some new ones.

If u wanna become a Friend/Affiliate Just im me on

Sylenteccko <—AIM



Damn, no love :frowning:


hybrid, your an awesome designer and i think you deserve better than that so you should check out these templates at these sites for sale: www.thesigsite.com www.crazydesigns.org




Lol TG when you went to my site i took it down lol :smiley: here is a new one i put together. (thanks to tonbarry)



Spyware is scary. Is this a free hosting service?


Yep :frowning: If i had monies, I would host in on a pay site. But I’ma broke ass monkey…so yea :mad:


j33bus… nice work

who’s the babe?


Hmm yeah i’ll sign up after you pm me back man…what’s up?..read any of my pm’s or what?