Just registered but I have some questions

So this will be my first major. I’m a newbie but I’m looking to improve my game and have some fun in Vegas.

Anyway, I had some questions:

  1. I paid the registration fee and I got a receipt, but I don’t see any further instructions on what to do next, i.e. where to pick up my badge, where in the hotel the tournaments will be, etc. or a confirmation of my actual registrations

  2. I see that the tournament is bring-your-own-controller. I have a MadCatz stick for 360, will it work on PS3s? Some sources I have seen say it won’t, others say it will. Is it easy enough to borrow a stick or use any spare the tournament organizers might have? esp since I don’t expect to last past the pool round :slight_smile:

  3. Out of curiousity, how many newbies show up to this thing? By newbies I mean people who just know the basics. Hell, how many people are they expecting to get in general?


It will not work as-is, but dual modding a 360 TE (or SE) is very easy. If you don’t want to do it yourself, there will be a few modders at EVO willing to do it for you.

1.) You’ll be able to pick them up on Friday. You’ll get more details on the location and timing on the front page of SRK or Evo2k a few days prior. You should’ve received a confirmation email after registering for your games [I did, and I used Paypal].

2.) No, it will not work, unless you have it modded out to do so. It all depends on the people you ask…people usually don’t loan their sticks out to strangers.

3.) It all depends on what your take of “newbie” is.

Are they going to have booths or something? How long does the process take? How much does it cost?

This thread might be of help

edit: damn I got ninja’d :rofl:

Thank you for your help everyone. Their Web site seems to be down atm but hopefully the modding doesn’t cost too much. That will be helpful to have in the future.

I had another question for you all. I live on the east coast: do most people who fly in ship their sticks ahead of time? I really don’t feel comfortable just sticking it in a bag with my other luggage considering the security on flights and how they treat bags.

You should just be able to take it in your carry-on bag, though you’ll probably have to open it up to prove that it’s not a bomb - bring a hex key!

yah just use it as a carry,on, im in the same boat as you… But i still have my original box for it so i should be able to pack it all up and put it on my luggage with no problem