Just saw 45 hit combo on PSN

I don’t main Seth but I ran into this replay where Seth does a 45-hit combo (including dizziness) on Sagat. I was like WTF? What’s the max possible hit/damage that Seth can pull off, in a real match?

P.S. FYI the Sagat lost the round and the game, and the combo damage took like 80% of Sagat’s hitpoints.

Yeah i’m gonna need confirmation from other peeps before i think this is true.

I don’t have a PS3 but could you say how much CP the replay has so people who do have the PS3 can look it up.

What’s the point of this thread again?


Yes. It’s only a couple days ago so I remember it pretty well. The game was G1 championship final battle and of course japanese players… Replay dated 8/28/2009 and the player (seth) tag is “MoMa-32767” (without quotes)

I can look up again if anyone’s interested. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

80% of Sagats health is over 800 damage.

Not believing it.

First of all, 45 hits including dizzy isn’t a big deal at all; 60+ hit combos are possible with Seth if you include dizzies. Second of all, combos of that size do next to no damage and are generally a waste of meter. Third of all, to my knowledge Seth has no combos that exceed 500 damage, let alone 80% of Sagat’s life, LOOOOL.

Fourth of all, thread closed.