Just saw the evo 2002 dvd trailer


sweet jesus, who are these guys!!! i can’t even believe what i saw, and it was only the fucking trailer! and this is from last year??? i also saw some crazy ass tosaka video of 100% combos. please tell me you guys can’t do these combos…also, does the evo dvd have the crowd noises and stuff? i think it’s kinda cool when they cheer at crazy ass shit like the urien vs chun li aegis bullshit…and the price is in us dollars yeah? but most of all, i want to know that not all of you guys can do 100% combos on a whim…


u need full meter, sometimes system direction different more damage etc.


Makoto’s 100% isn’t real hard, you just need meter.


any1 tell me the name of the song that was playing in the trailer?


thats ayumi hamasaki - evolution :smiley: awesome song, i like trauma as well, i dunno for sure, dont have soundcarddrivers yet :stuck_out_tongue: cant listen


it’s on ayumi’s cd “I am”. pretty good cd.


ur easily awed arent u

and what aegis bullshit


very easily. and the aegis i’m talking about is when urien had chun li in the corner and did a ton of tackles while she was getting aegised, and then more juggling juggling, aegis aegis…you couldn’t have missed it, it’s the only thing that could be considered aegis anything.


ya i know, it wasnt bullshit


i didn’t literally mean bullshit, i just meant the aegis thing. thing/bullshit, whatever. it was neat-o. how’s that?


it was fucking beautiful :slight_smile:


hell ya it was…and the guardbreak he does with the knee drop is one of the things they took out of dreamcast right? how lame…


Ayumi Hayasaki

So she is Japanese Pop? What the fuck? Sounds more like Techno to me. Shiet… Is she single?



who knows…but have you seen her? i think she’s had a ton of surgery, cuz she looks like an alien.


No, I havn’t, where can a I find pics?


click here

there’s prolly pics here, don’t know, just used a search engine and found it. scroll down the page, there’s some ironic pictures of her in a space suit (since she’s from mars or wherever). geh.


She looks normal to me. Really small though, 88 lbs!



whoa, that is small. but you don’t see the alienness in her? you know those alien pictures with the huge eyes and stuff? isn’t that kinda what she looks like? maybe it’s just me…but i like her music, so it doesn’t make any difference right? :smiley: