Just saw the T6 trailer...who used K Sagat?

I saw the T6 trailer and there was this K Sagat that was JDing all the hits from Sakura’s CC. I heard it had been done before by a famous jap player but i’ve never actually seen it done in a real match. Who was this guy and what tournament was it ( i know it’s probably T something)?

not to mention JDing blankas roll before that (might be someone different though?). whoever it is is surely a beast.

I believe it was freddy l0c0 from montreal. This happened during MAT (Montreal Annual Tournament) this year.

how did he place in T6 CvS2 ?

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (39 Entrants)
1st - Ricky Ortiz (Empire)
2nd - Justin Wong (Empire)
3rd - Freddyloco
4th - Ratio1beatdown

I’m not 100% sure he’s the one who jd’d it, but he’s from Montreal and he plays a sick K-groove, so i assume its him

Indeed it was Freddyl0c0 from Montreal, and like noodleman said this was filmed at Montreal Annual Tourmament III.

cool, thanks for the info.

was he one of the players that placed first in the cvs2 teams? that t6 results page is poorly done :frowning: whoever made the first post should combine all the results in one.

edit: here it is

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (13 Teams)
1st - Team Rush Down (Ratio1beatdown/Freddyloco/Jiggabry)
2nd - Team STC (JS Master/Arcade Legend/Flightwing)
3rd - Team Fuck You (ATM Spidertao/Tigerlee/Jonstar!)
4th - Team Empire White (Justin Wong/Ricky Ortiz/Arturo Sanchez)
5th - Team Armed For Battle (Gerjay/Krasshole/Nagata Lock II)
5th - Team Empire Black (Prez/Jeron/Sanford Kelly)
7th - Team DarkDragon (Kymah/Dennis Wong/Noodleman)
7th - Team Poke Guy (Pokeguy)
9th - Team Hammer (RPGv2/Veggiebob2002/WB!)
9th - Team Brown Town (Shumayel/Dadesicanadian/Jiko Rocker)
9th - Team WoW (JD!, Hihihi, Mana Boy)
9th - Team Riverside (Psychochronic/Mike/Kevin)
13th - Team Darko (Random Hero/RXS/Chr0nic)

where did you guys see this trailer?


btw, everytime i tried to download it with firefox, it kept stopping around 16mb or 24mb (might be just me though) it worked when i downloaded it with IE, however.

Holy shit, congrats to Fred for placing extremely high. I’ve never seen him JD that many consecutive hits before. Normally he JD’s every meaty attack, and reversal attacks.

The question is: did he JD every hit of the custom, or the first dozen? Were there any low hits or hurricane kicks in the custom?

Fred, stop beasting. And you too, JD. fukken parries!!!

it’s activate, s.rh(Jded), DP(1 hit Jded) cancelled into next dp(1 hit, Jded again) repeat… :confused:

Thats some hot music as the BG. Does anyone know what that track name is? (sorry if this is against board rules)

Anyways, the trailer was hot, those MvC2 resets were crazy. Haha.

Sagat JDing the elec was nice, I would’ve liked to see what happened after he JDed all the hits though.

Actually, that Sagat was me.
I dont know how to play cvs2 but i know how to JD and parry.

yeah, and I play Denjin ryu and Pink sean.

Oh well that’s some hot shit you did in that trailer :clap:
I think you’re just being modest about not being able to play CVS2. You seem pretty capable to me :karate:

Haha, the Sagat is Freddy Loco, C Royd is a 3S player who plays P in CvS2.

I guess knowing when to parry in 3S helps out in CvS2 Parrying.