Just saw the Vega/Sak Tacv

… and holy piss I really need to work on my combos >_<

18 hit combos are out there and I’m doing good to pull off c.MK xx (H)ST in a fight lol

Kudos to anyone involved with that, I noticed Jozhear on the credits

You know… there’s a reason it’s a TACV. Those Combos are worthless in a real match.

Yeah I realize the combos are impractical for an actual fight, but watching it still makes me want to level up my game.

You can get away with basic combos in a real fight. while cr.mkxxH.ST is managable. First you’re looking at landing the cr.mk and remembering to responde to landing with H.ST. You’ll get it eventually, things do become second nature. I think the highest combo I do in a fight is 6 with jf.hp, st.hp, crmpxxEX FBA.

It’ll come as second nature eventually. Took me a whole year to hit confirm into EX FBA and do Scarlet into Scarlet in a fight XD

yay i got thanked by maj ^____^

link to the video? or should i just google “Vega/Sak Tacv”


18 hits is pretty impressive even if impractical/situational. Most I do is 5 or 6 hits and all starting with j.HP .

I wonder why it’s always combo videos that make people wanna step their game up, and not actual matches.

Cus combos r cool yo.

Actual matches arent Flashy enough :stuck_out_tongue:
unless its poongko >>"

Idk man… I actually get a boner when I watch a Vega play that can maintain spacing and play with his head on an entire match, because I just can’t seem to do it when I want to.

whats this tool assisted bullshit? how do i get one? that would be handy for trials!

18-hit Vega combos? Jesus, it took me a good while just to get CH into ST to work reliably. My best-est real combo I hit with is just the standard j.FP, s.FP, c.MP, exFBA. Even if big combos are all just flash after the first few hits, it demonstrates a command of execution I can only aspire to.

except its tool assisted so there wasnt actually any execution involved.

tool assisted means it has conditions that are nearly impossible to happen in a real match, like the reflected rose ball thingy or hitting a lvl 3 FA on a full screen Seth. It doesnt mean they have some sort of Tool of do shit for them.

For the TACV series, Maj uses a programmable controller that times whatever inputs he wants and plays them back to the game. He explains it in an article about tool assistance.

I want Maj to explain how he did RCF, FADC, c. mp ST. If that’s plausible in real match and not just inhuman CPU charge abilities then that will be really useful in a couple of matchups. If only c. mp ST hit on everyone.

There have been actual matches that sparked me too, Daigo vs Makoto comes to mind. And even some of Meteo’s match vids made me add a few things to my bag-o-tricks

no… it does mean they have tools that do shit for them.

he uses a programmable controller. he presses one button and makes both characters do shit.