Just saw this on Kotaku, best Morrigan cosplayer ever?


Kotaku, the Gamer?s Guide

You be the judge.


For a Morrigan cosplay, the breasts seem to be about twenty sizes too small.

In all seriousness though, that’s some pretty astonishing quality.


This is in the wrong forum.

Her tits are too small and Morrigan isnt asian. The cosplayer at Atlanta fight club had ass, hips and titties. She wasnt Scottish, but she looked white. She damn sure wasnt asian.

EDIT: or is Morrigan Irish?


Who knew Morrigan was Filipino, I thought she was Irish. :rolleyes:

All jokes aside, not bad actually. I still don’t get the whole Cos playing thing, but whatever. We already have slut day it’s called Halloween!

Wait what am I saying? I’m all for more sluts day. I take that back!


yeah why have it all on one day? I love conventions but it can be hit or miss. As for that Morrigan…yeah Alodia ain’t he best…


As much as I don’t like her, her Baronessis way better than that Morrigan.


If you’re going to do something, be the best at it. I think cosplaying, or roleplaying in general is a little strange, but good for her I guess.


Wrong forum.