Just say NO to Mishima Karate! The Hwoarang Thread

Hwoarang has been my Tekken main since Tekken 3…and I got to play him in Tekken 6 sparingly at Evo.

So let’s share some srats, vids, advice amongst current and new Hwoarang players!

I’m also a Hwo player which is evident from my SN, can’t wait to get crack out this game in 2 months.

Hey, if your in Orlando, you should take a trip down to Sunrise FL to play it. It’s probably like 2&1/2 - 3 hours from you.

I might this week, I might be going down to meet up with some of the Miami SF4 people so I’ll be in the area.

lol. Mishimas r B tier now .

Hwoarang since Tekken 3 here! I hope he will be somewhat like he was in 5

Hworang is one of my major characters since it is easy for his to string up combos and juggles. But i am more use to useing Yoshimitsu and King.

I took up OG Bob when DR first came out. I look forwarding to working with you all.


ha ha! fat american cops

meh hwo is the real bob (boy on bike)

he has been my main since tekken 3 as well ( i was young back then 17 now)

i willcontinue to play as him tho i love his kicks! i think i relate to him well cause i have a black belt in tae kwon do too

Man…I’ve been playing as my boy Hwo sonce I got the game.
I’ve been trying to get some decent 10 hit combos down, but it’s like as if the 5th hit lags.

Looks like I gotta re-learn the man.

10 hit combos? Are you being serious?

Biggest adjustment for me is implementing the new moves B+4, u/f+3+4, and not relying on d/b+3 so much. I miss the old B+4 as a nice 12 frame punnisher, thats really a tough spot for him now. Punnishing moves that are -14 or less means you pretty much get jabs as your best option.

I have a few set combos I’ve been using, and I have my own ideas already about how he should be used… just going to say to anyone potentially wanting to play him seriously, you better have great execution, and you better be prepared to work really hard to win.

Yeah I figured that getting good with the REAL Bob will take alot of work…I admit I’m a scrub with the guy, and should do better.

nah its cool I just didnt know what you meant lol

Any combo suggestions for a scrub? I haven’t touched Hwo since T3 and TT.

tons of combo suggesttions depending on the launcher. However to start off d/f+2… try these two

d/f+2, 2,3,1,2,4,2,ff+3 B! d/f+3+4
d/f+2, 2,4,2, b+2 B! f+3, u/f+3+4+3

off of B+3 - 3~4, 2,4,2 ff+3 B!

Really you want to be using the flamingo cancels off most launchers minus JFSR, but to get started I’d recommend those to start with.

Also after bound there are situational enders you want to use, but to get used to the actual system I’d recommend doing one of the 2 easier endings I listed above.

Anything specific LMK.


If you are ok with:
d/f+2, 2,3,1, 2,4,2, ff+3 B! d/f+3+4

you can try:
d/f+2, 2,3, 3~f,f, 1, 2,4,2, f,f+3 B! f+3+4, 3~4~f, b+4

Laucher into 2 into flamingo. There he just kicks and cancels the kick (3~f,f) and punches with 1. Then you have to dash a bit so you can connect 2,4,2, instantly after that pres f,f+3 so it’s not tech-rollable. Immediately after B! you go for f+3+4 which switches legs and brings you closer a little, go for 3~4~f which is a big kick which (thanks to the ~f) ends in LFS and you can connect b+4.

Let me add up my favourites.

Starter: d/f+2, b+3, JFSR
2,3, 3~f,f, 1, 2,4,2, RFF f,f+3 (B!), RFF 3~4,b+4 (W!), d+3,4, b+3

Wall combos:
f+4~4 (W!), RFF 3~4~b, 2,4,3 (B!), 3~4,b+3 - 86 dmg
f+4~4 (W!), RFF f+3, 3+4, 2,4,3 (B!), 3~4,b+3 - 82 dmg
3~4 (W!), 3+4, RFF 2,4,3 (B!), 3~4,b+3 - 96-98 dmg

Does Hwoarang have any particular weaknesses when matched up against Raven? I consistently beat Hwoarang players online. Any other character, it could go either way, but against Hwoarang players, its always a cakewalk.

Probably not. There’s no way you can just beat a bunch of random people online and then say there’s probably weaknesses. Like said above…Hwoarang is one of the most technical characters in the game and most of the people using him online just mash random shit and don’t use any of the stuff required to win with him at high level play. It’s like saying you’re a Sagat player and you beat a bunch of Blanka players. At high level play the matchup really isn’t that bad but random people online who have no idea how to use a technical character like Blanka will just get run over by even an average Sagat.

I’m sure individual matchups are important but I doubt you beating random Hwoarang players online can account for any sort of weakness in the matchup. Especially with a character that has a bunch of cancels, stances, advanced strategies and basically the largest moves list in the game. I can’t imagine you were playing against any Hwoarang that actually had any idea how to use him at anything close to high level. Not to mention Raven as a character isn’t super high on the tier list either. Not that it would matter too much but all of that put together just doesn’t have me seeing him “bodying” Hwoarang.


Very handy video for anyone just getting into the original Bob.