Just saying Tutorials help!

Ok, so obviously there are viper players who understand the proper inputs for everything and play great and have a great understanding thx to this forum. But, every now and then I do question myself and my inputs as well as execution. I often finding myself looking for video’s where people are showing their hands and doing FFF etc. Just need some “closure” on if im doing this right. I know it’ll help quite a few ppl who want to main a viper. Please and thx, if not i’ll continue to prac. : )

Stick or pad?

There’s different ways to do FFF, depending on what you use., Also look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UAVID03_d8

I am using stick

I was or technically still in that boat, I also use a stick. I have already figured out the inputs for sjc stuff and FFF stuff, but for the life of me, I can’t HP TK feint standing up. That’s really the only thing that’s a mystery to me, maybe I’m getting/understanding it wrong. As far as FFF is concerned, I don’t negative edge and i buffer the dp shortcut with second cr.HP. I tried doing it with negative edge but due to lag I found doing it with actual button presses was more consistent for me (and a certain rhythmic sound of the button presses helps timing). My approach was always being able to execute it to begin with. You can always refine it later, imo.

yeah i’ve tried to just do straight manual input for feints but its alot easier just doing negative edge. its alot of practice to get it down but ya it works well when u get it.

I’m a fight pad player