Just scored to fully sanwa stick for £45 and £55 what do i mod


One is a 360 madcatz ROund one stick
One is a Hori Soul calibur 5 Stick

Brooks adapter will be added what else could i do? i want to trick them out to the max


When you say trick them out to the max, what are you looking to do with them? Internal mods, or just aesthetic mods?

Plus are you sure you’re not mistaken with a Soul Calibur IV or VI stick? I tried looking it up but i couldnt find a SCV stick from hori.


I’m guessing this Hori SCV stick?


For some weird reason it wasnt showing up… idk. The football game has me flustered lol.


lol, football game went just the way it needed to go. 6 stones, one snap.


if the soul calibur V stick is the PS3 version you should replace the PCB as the original one isn’t compatible with Brook Converters due to it’s USB Hub :frowning:


there is :slight_smile: its called Hori SCV fight stick ex pro


its xbox and im on pc


Actually, I believe the stick you’re referring to is this one:

The Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for Soul Calibur IV

Hori doesn’t make any sticks called “Fight Stick” (used only by Mad Catz); Hori’s budget line is usually “Fighting Stick”, while their higher line is usually “Real Arcade Pro”. I know it sound like I’m being nitpicky, but precision matters you’re talking about a specific item, so that we can all give you the proper guidance and advice.

So you also got the Soul Calibur iteration number wrong, which is why it made it so hard to find the stick you’re referring to. :slight_smile: