Just some unrelated pencil art =]

2 of my friends requested that I draw them, so I figured I’d put up the results here. I used probably the cheapest drawing pad and pencils you can find (with the first one being done entirely with a fine point mechanical pencil). Before these it’s been a good 8 years since I’ve drawn anything. They were drawn between Dec08 and Jan09.

hey! nice drawings :slight_smile:

Pretty amazing work you got there. wasnt sure about who the second one was.

The first one came out nice
The amount of detail in the second one is crazy

Good stuff :tup:

Nice rendering man. When doing portraits though, you can loosen up a bit around the ares outside the face since you want the focus to be on the face. Your middle tones and darks are too similar right now. I would ignore the middle tone until after you put in the darks. Be as scrutinize as you can wit the darks as that will tie the image together. Lay down a flat value for the mids with slight variations only if you need it. Then erase where the lightest will be, the highlights for example.

Very nice!

Good Stuff!!! (y)

Good pointers, thanks! Not much I could have done value wise on the first one since it was all in a single grade mechanical, but it’s most def. a life long practice :smiley:

neato work

2nd art looks quite realistic and detailed. No qualms with that whatsoever.

Good work on both.