Just spammin...what u gonna look like at Vegas?

Are you gonna look like a hot gurl? If so I want to find you. Otherwise I’ll assume most people here are gonna be different selections of guys. Which is fine but I only go out with gurls.

Couple days before Evo so I figured I might as well do this to help people find each other at Evo. If anybody wants to play games I’ll be the average lookin black guy with the short hair in the Five Guys t-shirt representin them great EC burgers on the west side. I believe California is getting one soon. The reckoning has begun.

I hear In N Out is pretty good but don’t know if there’s any near Vegas. Fatburger…don’t like their bland burgers with litte for toppings. I’m also down for anyone who knows any good chicken places.

So yeah…what ya’ll gonna be sportin at Evo on Friday/Sat? Let’s meet up. No homo. After Friday I’ll be wearing random ass clothes so you won’t know who I am.

I’ll be the white fat boy wearing video game t-shirts and being generically white.

I’m white.

I’ll be the guy in the BYOC area playing Garou first thing Fri and Sat :wgrin:

They just opened a Five Guys… across my street!

I’m thinking of wearing my BAUER CTU shirt the 1st day. I’LL LET YOU KNOW.

On friday I’ll be wearing a dallas cowboys t shirt

Texas Baby Texas
Im also 6’3, white.

Hope that helps

I claim that shirt, I have been rocking that CTU shirt forever. Wal Mart sells dope shit.

Wally World fo’ lyfe, son.

ima bring a blazer, and you should too.

I remember eating at five guys at C3…

that was food was gdlk

I’m a 5’1 Asian Guy with Glasses.


ill be the white guy with pumas.


Tranny seeking?

I’ll have an evo badge that says “Stuart Hayden” on it.

Get at me.

I will be really black…daarrkknesss…:cybot:

Wait… SNAAAKE, your actually going?! Damn, we gotta meet up. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

-Tha Hindu

I’ll be the hairiest person there, and possibly the sexiest.

you’re not that fat and you’re not that white

fuck i’m whiter son

i’ll be the short-ass white mexican with the black wristband wearing either a zelda shirt + crappy pants or some sort of random polo + jeans. i wear glasses. i might have shades on.

We’ll see you outside of xbox live?

He’s been to CF tourneys…

Anyways, I’m that sexy asian dude with that cool haircut (Not as cool as last year’s.) If you see anything Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) I’m pretty close by.