Just Started Fighting Games! Needs Suggestions!


Wassup guys and gals! I am new to his forum (as you can tell) and I am wondering if you guys can help me out with some questions I have.

I just started playing SSF4 and it is my first fighting game I have owned and lets say I am no good at it, I have won 2 matches and lost 12 :confused:

I started out using Gouken and Ryu but discovered a love for Dhalsim, Fei Long and Seth. my first question is who should I main out of those guys?

I do the best with Dhalsim
Seth suits my playing style
Fei Long is my Favourite

Who out of those should I mainly use?

Also it is hard to find online games where I live, I have only found 12 and half of them have been laggy. So do you guys/gals know any other ways to improve my game?

Any other tips will be greatly appreciated and helpful so don’t hesitate to give some help!

Cheers, Corey.


at the pointy u are at the best thing to do is just play the game


Try finding some other New Zealanders on SRK, ask them to be sparring buddies.


Get a mate and play versus, or do the above.


main who you do best with/have the most fun playing.


Yeah, pretty much just main who you think is fun to play, or you like the feel of playing. For me, that was Fei straight away. If you do decide to pick Fei, the Fei Forums are populated by very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful members who’d be willing to help you along. (Bias much?? lol)

I’m sure there’s probably a Kiwi SF site where some members may be able to offer 1 on 1 help, but I think a good bet would be to go online and find someone who’s not too much better than yourself for now, and just play with them and learn how to execute and punish and the way the engine works on go from there.

Is there anything specific you have questions about in regards to the game itself or Fei Long??


I got a couple of questions.

How do you Focus Cancel?
Is there a ‘best’ ultra for Fei?

If I have any more questions can I just send you a PM?


To do a focus cancel, do a move then press MP+MK. Most players use U1 but there have been instances that I’ve seen people use U2 like let’s say against Viper.


Hey, us new zealanders actually have a fighting game forum!

NZism - Index

Join up, meet the crew etc! I am going to get my PS3 repaired, and after that I don’t mind spending as much time as you need helping you out. In the meantime, definitely check the other guys out, we have a wide range of skill levels and everyone is super helpful. I’m going to read the thread and edit in my replys to your specific questions now, but felt this is important to post :stuck_out_tongue:

Add me, my psn is Chocobuny


Characters: Use whoever you feel comfortable with. Honestly, Super Street Fighter 4 is so balanced that you can’t really go wrong. I’m actually practicing dhalsim too, although I’m amazed you do well with him since he is an advanced character to me lol.

Seth is interesting, I know a really good seth that could probably help you out, and I quite enjoy seth myself. He has a lot of styles of play, I like to get in and just start doing mix ups, making the opponent guess what I am going to do, although I have seen great Seth play from defensive seth players.

Fei Long is an awesome character. I know a few guys who are good with him. He is such a good all around character, and although I suck with him, my main character Cammy is similar in the sense that they both want to get inside and deal there damage. So I’ll simply this a bit.

Dhalsim: Defensive
Seth: Mix ups
Fei Long: Offensive/Balanced

Nothing stops you from using more than 1 character by the way. I enjoy both Dee Jay and Cammy, and currently Dhalsim. I can play almost anyone, albeit at their most basic level. Anyways I’ve been rambling for a bit so I am excited for you and hope to see you online soon! (Once I get my blasted PS3 fixed)


Sure I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have, I’m on here quite a lot anyway :slight_smile:

There are two types of Focus cancels:

-The first is where you are holding a Focus attack with the MP+MK buttons, and you dash forward or back and the Focus is cancelled.

-The other is where you perform a move, like a Shoryuken for example, and then press MK+MP together at the time when the Shoryuken hits the opponent, and the upwards part of the move where you would normally go up with your opponent is cancelled into a Focus attack so you stay grounded. So the Shoryuken has been cancelled into the Focus and the opponent has been launched into the air, and the from there you can ‘Dash Cancel’ the Focus attack, like described above. After that you can do another move, in this case with Ryu, it would usually be Ultra 1.

As for the best ultra for Fei, it’s very character dependent and U2 only really applies once you start learning and using advanced techniques and you can judge where it is best to activate it. So for now I’d stick with U1 so that you have something good to use if you land a focus attack and crumple your opponent, but if you get a bit further along, don’t be afraid to play with U2, though it’s primary uses are for anti air as that is when your opponent it most predictabley going to attack you.

But yeah, message me anytime, and in the meantime you might want to have a look at [media=youtube]1_nS5Jj3pHY&feature=player_profilepage"[/media] SSFIV tutorial. It’s really useful and will guide you through pretty much every topic Street Fighter has, from basic to advanced.


check out the character specific forums under ssf iv to learn more about them and how to use them


For a newbie I’d recommend just fooling around with different characters before settling on someone to main. You’ll get a general feeling on the capabilities of the entire cast and what you can do in this game. Read or watch some basic tutorial on game mechanics, too. Ryu is a good character to use in the beginning, since he has tools for pretty much all play styles, but of course, use whoever you like.

Street fighter isn’t very much about flashy or big damage combos; They’re good for comebacks and such of course, but IME matches between reasonably skilled players are for control. The most basic way is to use your attacks to limit where your opponent can move (fireballs are effective, but don’t forget normal moves either), learn antiairs to prevent your opponent from jumping in on you, etc. If you’re in control of the match, you’ll naturally deal damage (or prevent your opponent from dealing it, if you have the life lead.), leading to a win.

Establishing control means knowing what your character can do, and coming up with a strategy. Of course, your opponent will do the same, so you’ll have to observe and adapt, and it becomes a lot of fun when both players are constantly trying to outwit the other. (And it can get boring if you end up playing against someone who doesn’t think and just mashes stuff and hits buttons randomly. Against such players the best thing is to just wait for them to make a mistake and punish as hard as you can. It’s good combo practice.)

When starting, you won’t have a very good idea of your options, so you’ll lose a lot. Don’t get discouraged, just take it as an opportunity to learn. If you play against a considerably better player, chances are they’ll be defeating you on “autopilot”. That is they’ll be using a general pattern of safe offense that they’ve found effective against less skilled players. Try to find such patterns and experiment in countering them. If you manage to force them to adapt, it means you have improved. :slight_smile:

Furthermore, execution is important as well. (Some characters require better execution than others) My current problem is that even though I know most of my options in most situations, my execution is not good enough to enable me to consistently do what I want (I especially suck at timing frame traps). I can still play good matches, though.


If you do best with Dhalsim I would say go with him. I used to play with both him and Gouken, but I’ve been out of practice for a good few months. Like others have stated you should probably go into the World Matchmaking forum and look for the New Zealand forum there and also check out the character specific forums for Gouken, Dhalsim, Fei, or whoever it is you decided to main.


LOL balanced…bahahhaa. You try playing Hakan or Makoto vs any of the top tiers? Im just wondering if you think its completely balanced.

Do not be fooled this game is FAR from balanced. It just happens to be one of the most balanced SF games ever, but generally speaking it is not balanced at all (play Makoto vs anyone and you’ll see). Just be wary that the lower on the tier list you go, the harder it may be to earn wins. But its not impossible by all means. It just requires more skill and practice in order to get wins. For example Gouken will require LEAGUES more time and effort to learn matchups than Ryu because Ryu is very balanced as a character and has few bad matchups (if any).

If you want less laggy matches try playing people restricted to your region only or find a friend to play with. Online unfortunately will always be laggy and you will learn stuff that won’t necessarily work offline so if possible in NZ try finding a local scene. Whether it be an arcade or just friends who get together and play it.

Fei’s U1 seems to be the best as I have yet to really see anyone use U2 efficiently, but thats due to the nature of the ultra being matchup specific. Once you learn the game more you will learn to react faster and use U2!

Good luck out there! SF is a great place to start with fighting games.


Just because low tier characters exist doesn’t mean the game is not balanced. It’s actually a lot more balanced than most FG’s. I think when Fist of the North Star came out only two characters were viable at all.


Depends how you want to learn how to play.

I’d recommend trying out Akuma then move up to Makoto when you’ve mastered focus, pokes and grabs to the limit. If you want to get really good, just keep this in mind, take more steps forward than back.