Just started playing 3S 3 months ago

I play with Sean,elena,and Remy what strats do I need to know to be good at this game? I know these characters are low tiered but I like them so I want to play with them. I have some questions about the game like…

1)why are the fall physics and timings different on PS2 then on DC/ARC?
2)Does GGPO work with mame yet? Does any KOF or 3S work with it?
3)How can I find the taunt bonus properties?
4)Why is Sean tiered so low? Seem pretty wacky to me. I know he’s hard to use and really unsafe(can be help by certian methods)but he has alot of things that make him at least a decent character. Behind twelve? Who can be killed in one super or get 60-70% life combos without meter on him? Just as unsafe if not more. low damage potential(except in SA3/SA2) without meter(yeah Sean has low-average damage potiential but at least he can do some stun with his BB stun bonus).I don’t understand that.
5)Can Kaillera under the highest keystroke(LAN) with people in the same state with a server in the same state/region(I am in FL) with no people/small amount of people other than you and your opponent. Will the lag make it unplayable then?
6)Where can I find some good Sean/Elena/Remy vids
7)What is a good KoF to start playing with?

Thank you for responding to my thread

This aint the KOF section, but I’ll help as much as I can.

For Sean:

that is a very good video.

For the others type “elena 3s” in the search on youtube. Also type in “remy 3s” for similar results.

Try to stick to one section at a time. A different thread referring to KOF would have been fine. There are different systems that KOF has and plays differently.

You should try:

98 is the most traditional, 2000 lets you play with the striker style. Striker is where you have a 4th member on your team, and its used like the support system in MVC 1/2. Although 99, 2000, 2001 use this system. Just play 2000.

2002 goes back to being traditional 98 orochi style, but it has some NESTS (99-01) characters. Not to mention if you play 98 first, you may be unhappy with what happened to your favorites in 2002. coughYashirocough

You’ll find out. Theres a million scrubs out there who think Sean is “at least low mid tier” but it doesn’t matter. Once you get experienced in 3s you’ll realize why he’s terrible.

Anyway, as Spinning Beat said, keep your questions relevant to the section your posting in. Questions about Kaillera, GGPO, fall physics don’t belong in the Sean strategy section.

Sean’s upper cut loses out to almost everything. Sean has a harder time doing short short super. Sean’s hurricane is unsafe on hit (I think). I also think Sean’s damage potential falls behind at least most mid tier characters, but I’m not sure. Those are the reasons I can think of at the moment.

Nice vid. I like how he used SAI and rushed them down. rh,SAI does 1/5 health? Whoa.I like how he uses sean. Too bad most people whine about his short comings instead of sucking it up and finding a way to win with him.

1)His DS looses to most attacks if hit at angles right in front of him. Its NOT a dp its a makoto-like AA in that its priority is focused on top of him not in front of him.

2)Bad damage potential?
-lp,mp,SA2,rh does 65%+ life…so 2 of those = lose
-does more power per hit than ken or ryu
-SAI’s fast meter? Are you serious?
-SA3(I don’t use this SA because I think its not worth the hassle heard it works wonders on rushers and pokers like dudley,chun-li and yun)

Without meter you can make a case(too chippy a character for my taste. His combos are pretty short).But with meter your dead wrong.

3)He has an unblockable SA3
4)He has a 65%+ super combo on a 2 super meter.
5)good throw game
6)good parry bait game
7)mp,RH tornado does 50% stun on any character
8)Has the highest priority super in the game(except for Gill thats on console)
9)does good stun
10)has good health
11)has a move that invincible to grabs(roll) and starts up un 3 frames
12)rh,SA1 does 1/5 health and has a short bar.
13)SA2 comes out in 2 frames

Yeah, my bad about the damage potential. I was watching the vids and I changed my mind. Apparently I forgot to edit my post. Still though…

  1. EX shoryou loses out to throw. One hit shoryus should never be used as AA (at least not without another move thrown in). So the only point of them is escape pressure. Unfortunately Sean’s shoryu can’t even do that.
  2. SAIII is unblockable? Are you sure?
  3. It looks good when you think about how much damage you can do, but you have to realize two stocks is a lot.
  4. I tend to think that characters with useful kara throws have good throw games.
  5. You got me here. I don’t know Sean well enough, but I do know that if you’re out of stock, you’re out of luck in terms of a good punish.
  6. Strong Roundhouse does 50% stun, but if I remember correctly is unsafe even on hit.
  7. Priority in a super isn’t everything. It’s good, yes, but Chun’s SAII has horrible priority on meaty attacks but it’s still wreckage. In any event, priority doesn’t matter too much since most people try to use it off of a hit confirm.
  8. Again, you got me here. I don’t play enough Sean to know his stun potential, but I don’t really remember it being particularly amazing.
  9. Last time I checked he had average at best, behind Hugo and Q. Not that having high health matters seeing as Akuma, Chun, Yun, Yang, and Ibuki are mid tier or higher.
  10. Can’t argue about the roll. That is really good. His tackle is a good though.
  11. I got nothing.
  12. A lot of super are as fast, if not faster.

So basically, there’s definitely some stuff you know better than me. But I’m going to be stubborn and stick with my opinion that Sean is lame. I mean, what you said seems really good, but from my experience, Sean’s just terrible. Could just be my experience, though.

unblockable SAIII?
stop holding out

How did you get jab to combo into strong for the jab strong xx SAII roundhouse combo. Was it meaty?

1)Stop using his Dragon smash like a dragon punch. Different style move compared to it. DS is more powerful with most of its priority centered at the very top.NOT the front. Grabs hit him because it doesn’t have priority at its front only on top.So use the attack properly its a strictly AA(air only).

3?) Yes it is if timed and executed properly.

4)Sean P and alot of good sean vids show how you can build meter by running away,block strings,parry,mk and mp spam( while spacing and knowing thier meter obviously)

5)so does sean

6)mp,into RH tornado does 50% stun WITHOUT meter consumption on any character… and BB has a stun bonus to make it even more cheap.


8)So If I catch yun inside of his Vism rip-off. Don’t you think having the ability to stuff any of his attack if spotted and do 65%+ health and stall for at least 6-8 seconds could offset his super ability’s effectiveness? Dude wake up.

9)You don’t play sean so you wouldn’t know if he did.

10)Doesn’t Q have the highest health?

11)Shin akuma/Makoto (grab dizzy combo)…nerfed

  1. 2 frames+most priority= stuffs anything that doesn’t hit in 1 frame

jlp,mp DS,SA2

You might want to try j roundhouse or fierce low forward DS into SA whatever. Might do more damage might not. THough it’s also more obvious.

  1. You’ll realize that people love to bait out one hit uppercuts like Sean’s and Ryu’s. So basically it’s not even a good AA. But my point is that without a similar dragon punch, Sean loses a big defense against opponents who are overly aggressive.

  2. Didn’t mean to put them in a specific order. And initially, I think Hugo has higher life.

  3. Shin akuma isn’t in this game.

  4. Priority isn’t everything. You should be trying to hitconfirm anyway.

1)Keeps them from jumping in and over sean. It is useful if you use it that way.

10)Q has more health

11)??? I meant akuma

12)It does if you can get a read on a attack they love to do in a given situation and stuff it accordingly.I mean it helps.

  1. People are gonna bait and air parry the DS, which leads to pain for Sean.
  2. Having a 65% damage combo doesn’t relate to a character’s potential to deal damage. Potential implies a character’s ability to deal damage with “minimal” effort. Sean can deal damage, if he can land the necessary chain. Problem is, nearly every other character can beat Sean because his pokes are almost all he has in terms of dealing damage without super meter.
  3. SAIII is NOT unblockable. Unavoidable, yes, if use to stuff incoming moves. Denjin is unblockable, Hyper Tornado is just a normal rush super.
  4. Using ALL of your super meters in one combo is just wasteful. You’re best to reset the opponent with the cl.RH and then mixup for a second SA2 instead, which will deal more damage overall.
  5. I’ll give you that.
  6. MP->Tornado isn’t safe. Lots of stun or not, if that combo doesn’t stun your opponent, you’re getting slapped afterwards.
  7. Yes, MP->RH is unsafe on hit. Only against Makoto can it combo (into SA3).
  8. No. Sean MAY get to bust through an incoming Genei-Jin, but chances are Yun will have you either mid-screen or in the corner in the first place. No big damage combo for Sean there. Yes, SA2 has got priority, but it has no range, and can very well miss a lot of hits if the distance isn’t right.
  9. Sean’s moves do good stun, that’s true, but his problem is LANDING those moves often. Whilst Sean is dashing back and forth, whiffing to gain meter, the opponent’s stun gauge is dropping.
  10. Hugo has the highest health, not taking into account taunts.
  11. Roll recovery sucks.
  12. Sean has to get close in order to even land cl.RH. Most every other character in the game has a better time keeping him at a distance because he has no ranged game. Priority DOESN’T mean everything. Simply trying to outprioritise something becomes predictable. Hit confirming from normals means that you’re GUARANTEED to connect what it was you were trying to land, rather than take a wild guess.
  13. It’s fast, but again, has no range. It’s not a bad super art, I don’t think anyone’s trying to say otherwise. But, your opponent would have to be mid-dash on wakeup for you to hit them without chaining it.

Don’t get me wrong, Sean does have some good points, but in the end, the game’s programming and what players have known for nearly ten years doesn’t lie.

1)Well if your a moron that likes to spam AAs everytime they jump in then you deserve to get beat. But if your me, You still have to…
a)know thier tendancies(experience) and what they like to do for the most part in a given situation.(People’s play styles determine how you tweak your game.)
b)DS when they already commited to an aerial attack.Can’t parry when your in a move.
c)reposition to throw them off.(b dash,f dash,jump into them then parry)
d)Be random.
2)The 65%+ SA2 combo is easy and its a 2 bar super. Well do a mp,Rh tornado two times to dizzy on anyone.shoot the Basketball and hit them 3 times to make your stun go even higher. All without meter…Kinda blows your argument.
3)Can’t block/parry the ball and the super(low attack/grab) at the time.
4) Use just one and do 65% or more then have all your EX game at your disposal.
5)PWND!!!..yeah…sorry…a little gamefaq-ish
7)What do you mean unsafe on hit? Too much lag after RH or they recover faster then you?
8)Doesn’t matter what part of the stage the SA2 combo(lp,mp DS,SA2,rh) hits. It still does 65%+ damage and leaves you with one bar. All yun has to do is get hit with a parry,lk or lp.
9)Look at the Sean P vid from the other thread and tell me he has no pressure game.
10)So when Q taunts 3 times he has the highest and when twelve Xcopies Q after he had taunted 3 times when normal and he Xcopied taunts 3 times he has the highest health.
11)lp version? Timed right? Spotted thier attack early enough to make it safe?
12)headbutt,cr.mk,cr.mp,cr lk,mp,rh,fp Priority means everything if you can read and counter an attack when it just comes out.Thats how I play. If you’ve got a tool like “most priority in the game” don’t you think the most logical answer is to use it? I mean if you can’t counter “psychicly” then you need other methods to deal damage. Which is what you are talking about now.I don’t play the way you say because in my opinion(which could be wrong or right) it doesn’t use the tools that are in the character the best most effecient way.
13)Get close.Use priority or roll off a fireball or parry.See its not that impossible right?

I am not saying sean is the best character in the game.(If someone can do the reset in-game perfectly then hit into another unblockable after the second shoryu hits.Then I’ll have to reconsider that because that would be an infinite.)
I am just saying he is a good character. I have gathered information that supports that point. The problem with sean is agian he is one of the hardest characters to use in the game(not execution-wise)because you have to do all these extra “modifications” and “sight countering” tactics to make his moves usable. If you do these things he is a good character.If you don’t he is not. Its that simple.

Sean sucks buddy. No amount of theory fighter can prove that (neither does 1 video of Sean P playing well). And throwing a basketball and attacking low is not unblockable.

Interesting note-You can down parry the basketball. Impress your friends!

Last I checked, the basketball doesn’t hit overhead either. WOW, looks like you just EX Tackled your way into a Gigas Breaker!

People who have been playing the game a lot longer than you have said that Sean sucks. It may be hard to belive, but you’re going to have to believe them. They’ve played the game longer than you and they know the nuances that make Sean sucktacular. That said, you do raise some good points. However they’re not enough to out weight his weaknesses.

A few comments.

  1. I’ve said this before, other people have said it. I’ll say it again. DS is terrible. Period. There are ways to work around it’s weakness, but that doesn’t make it good like Ken’s or Akuma’s Dragon Punch (which ironically aren’t even great AA’s either in the grand scheme of things).

  2. You keep talking about the 65% combo. Is that on Yun specifically? Or Ryu? I can’t seem to get that much damage out on Ryu.

  3. Unsafe on hit means that even if you hit your opponent, Sean’s recovery from his tornado kicks leaves him at enough of a frame disadvatage that his opponent has time to punish. Meaning roundhouse tornado is a great move to use if you know you’ll stun your opponent, but otherwise you’re giving your opponent a free combo on you. Also, I can’t get mp to combo into RH tornado. How do you do it?

  4. Sean has an okay pressure game at best. Ibuki, Akuma, and Yang on the other hand…

Please believe us when we say that DS sucks. Being able to use it effectively doesn’t make it any better of a move. KO may beast with SAIII Makoto, but it doesn’t make TR top tier (unless it actually is, in which case my bad for using a shitty example).

You’re being too kind. All Sean does is run away building meter and poke a little. Quite the antithesis of a pressure game if you ask me :rofl: