Just started playing SSF4AE and wondering

Ok, so I’ve been playing this game for about a week. I’m coming from the Virtua Fighter game and the only game in the series of 4 I’ve played was SF4 for a couple weeks, whenever that came out. So I’m pretty far behind, lol.

But I’m wondering why people keep friggin kicking me out the rooms after one match.? I’m using Makoto and trying to get good at this game but dam, cats don’t really give me a chance to at least try and adapt. At least give a kid a few matches.

I know people want to play someone that’s a challenge to them or better than they are, cause that’s a great way to get better. And that’s all I’m really tryin to do. I can take my beatings for a few.

I got a little history with Super Turbo and am pretty decent at VF. So I’m not like, super noob. But playing in this new 4 system, it probably looks like it. I’m just sayin. Lemme get a few in before throwin me out, dam.

Had to vent a lil.

If you’re on 360 add my gt Corylegend
I’m rusty as hell but i’ll be happy to get some sets in with you sometime.

Playing online with randoms is not usually a very rewarding experience anyway

This ain’t the proper place for this, but fuck it: Add me if you’re on PSN and want to play Virtua Fighter or HDR - m1x4h
That said, I’ll play some AE with you too. I haven’t touched it in well over a year, but it doesn’t mean I can’t play some.

Yea I’m on 360. Probably shoulda mentioned that, hah. Coo man, I’ll add ya.

No PSN, but thanks for reachin out yo.

Other than that. I guess I should just man up and keep it movin. There’s more people willing to play than not. That stuff is just frustrating sometimes.

Add me too: TooFarSouth. I don’t kick players based on performance, I have, from time to time kicked people if they have a particularly dreadful connection, which is the only thing I can think is happening here.

If you’re host with a bad connection, you may not notice so much, but the guy at the other end is having to slow his combos down to 30fps and he’s screaming at his tv haha. If you think this might be it, plug your xbox directly into your modem/router rather than going wireless, it’s better for the both of you.

Play ranked matches till you feel comfortable. I good exercise for someone new to Street fighter is play ranked matches until you level up every character to at least level C. Not only will this give you an idea how every character is played, but you will see what everybody better than you does to defeat that character and how you can beat them

Yea, unfortunately, I have to use a wireless connection for a few months :confused: And when I get da boot, it’s always when I join another room. I can kind of tell it’s cause of my skill level from how they play/what they beat me with. Like doing the same moves over n over. And since I basically just started, it’s my first time seeing pretty much everything, lol. And I don’t know how to block and get around the stuff yet… But it’s all good though.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to getting back on the wired connection… My wireless isn’t horrible, but it’s it’s not as good as a wirrd (obviously)… I’ll add you too so we can see how it is. It’s usually fine when other people aren’t doing stuff in my house. If it’s bad, you can just delete me. No hard feelings ^-^ I don’t like playing on overseas quality connections either, hahah.

I’m new also and have the same problem. People always kick me out after kicking my ass lol. If you want I’m down for some casuals, my tag is “C88 Dizz”

Add me on xbl: “Rekkagnition” I’m kinda rusty but I’ll try and teach you some things.