Just started...



I jsut started playing 3s and I decide to play Chun…why? Cuase I used her enough in CvS2 :slight_smile:
So, I heard she’s useful by whiffing her hp in the air like hell. Can anyone tell me when to use her super (the one witha buncha kicks…) and also how to cancel the last kick into a jump and then do those follow up hits.


the super links off of the low forward. Usually the trick is to whiff some moves and bait them into doing something or other, then hitting them with that. Immediately after the last big kick, just tap down and up (and towards them) for a high-jump (can’t cancel with normal jumps), then do whatever. I don’t know ifit’s a chain or just her vanilla air strong punch.


the hell wit chun

the only reason why im postin on this here thread is cuz my man MadZ got a utada hikaru avi, baby. u dont know me (and i dont know u) but any fan of hikki is a friend ‘o’ mine:D

and hikaru isnt top-tier…she’s phukin’ GOD-TIER!!



Basics 'splained here: