Just starting, coming from MK9. Button layout help?

Hey everyone, coming from MK9 on the ps3 and I need a little help. Looking at the command list on SSFIV:AE pretty much just confuses me. Is there a guide to the button layout that some beginners find useful? I would just need something that would convert the whole LP or HP to ps3 buttons, so I could then convert them to the whole 1-2-3-4 layout heh.

Also when a command has 2 or 3 punch buttons, can someone tell me what this means and which punch or kick buttons correspond to which buttons?

Thanks anyone who actually helps me and…yeah…MK9 was my first fighting game so consider me new to fighting games >__>

Don’t worry, I come from MK too. Just going by using the PS3 controller, the button layout should be like this (i’m a 360 player but the buttons should be the same):

You have LP (Light Punch), MP (Medium Punch) and HP (Hard Punch, probably, i’m still new to this too).

Square = LP
Triangle = MP
R1 = HP

Then you have LK (Light Kick), MK (Medium Kick) and HK (Hard Kick):

X = LK
Circle = MK
R2 = HK

L1 = All 3 punch buttons
L2 = All 3 kick buttons

The other things you have areL

Focus Attack = MP + MK (Triangle + Circle)
Throw = LP + LK (X + Square)

So in essence:

1= LP
2 = MP
3 = LK
4 = MK

Then you have R1 and R2 for HP and HK.

If a command has 2 punch button, it dosen’t really matter which one’s you press as the same EX moves come out (EX moves are the same as EX moves in MK). So say you are doing a Hadouken which is QCF (Quarter Circle Forward) + Any Punch Button, you can instead press two punch buttons which makes the move have different properties and be generally better. In this instance, the Hadouken will become red and hit twice, so it can go through focus attacks and other, non EX projectiles.

Pressing all 3 punch buttons (or L1 in this case) is generally used to perform an Ultra. Ryu’s first Ultra is QCF x2 + All 3 punch buttons (L1). Ultra’s can use all three kicks too.

I hope this helps!