Just starting sf4 should i go with guile or ryu


Ok i have been playing street fighter and fighters in general casually with my friends for years now but i just recently started to want to play it competitively(im going to my first tournament at next level this saturday). Now the thing is when i have played my friends i have played guile because my friends being equally as bad as me love to blindly jump in at me so playing guile all i ever had to do was just hold down back and flash kick them to death.
Now i know this clearly will not work when playing against people who know what they are doing which is why i want to go to next level so i can play people who are better than me and actually learn how to play this game legitly. Now iv been checking out the guile forums for some strats and i’ve been hearing that guile is very technical and requires really good spacing and good knowledge of which of his situational normals to use when and im worried that he might to hard to learn the game with, but i really like playing his zoning style and i feel its easier to do charge motions than quarter circle motions. Now i know that ryu can be played with a heavy zoning style like guile but is considered to be way more beginner friendly so im wondering if it would be easier to learn the game with ryu and than move on to guile later when im better at the game

So i guess tl:dr would it be worth learning the game with guile or should i learn the fundamentals with ryu who can be played with a similar style but is more beginner friendly and then move on to guile later?


If you like Guile, play him. At lower level he is not hard to play, so there’s no reason not to pick him. At higher level yes, he is more difficult, but so is almost everyone (including ryu).


Just play as who ever you want. The more technical a character is really doesn’t matter when it comes to who you want to use. But,I will say that playing a technical character is quite the learning experience. Just don’t let yourself start out being so concerned about winning and be more concerned about learning.


Charge Character FTW!


Pretty much what FoolInfection said. Try to learn instead of winning. IMO though you will have an easier and better time learning if you play a character you actually enjoy. If you concentrate too hard on only winning, it will be very demoralizing when you hit a loss streak or are having trouble leveling up your game.

Also dude, learn to use commas and periods. OP was a pain in the ass to read because it was one long as fuck sentence.


Play your favorite character, regardless of how difficult or easy he/she is.


Guile’s awesome. I learned how to play SF with Guile, who really forces you to have good footsies and normal anti-air spacing down.




Yo play guile, just press dat fierce!


Definitely go El Fuerte.

When you get bored from throwing out Quesadilla Bombs left and right, go with noble Indian T.Hawk and mash 360 p whenever you find yourself having to block your opponent’s attacks. This is the way to Truth and Light.


Do not listen to anyone here. You want Ken. And you want to shoryuken all the time. He is the original Flowchart character.


Play both.
Learn Ryu, You learn Street Fighter.
Learn Guile, You learn to depend on spacing and normals.


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because depending on spacing and normals isnt street fighter…


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Both Ryu and Guile are fine choices for learning Street Fighter. You can’t go wrong with either.

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