Just starting to get into kof series

and so i thought the best idea was to start with 2k2 since everyone loves it.

well i got decent at ggx2. then i swtiched to t5. and i’ve haven’t played 2d (much less kof) in a long time. so number 1 im a bit rusty, and number 2 i have no idea who i should use in kof.

well lets get on to my questions. first. whose a good starter charcter to use for just learning the basics of kof 2k2. just someone whose simple yet doesn’t suck. and whats the best way to approach the game in general. i started playing last night and i felt like a retard so any help would be greatly appreciated.

For starter characters I’d suggest Terry or Ryo. Terry has some pretty easy motions for his moves, is pretty strong overall, and is generally easy to use and get used to. Ryo is also a generally easy to use character with some good moves and variety. The best way to approach the game is just with an open mind and always looking to improve. Yeah, that’s kind of general and corny, but what else is there to say? That’s basically how all fighters are when you’re trying to learn them.

02?! Why?!

Terry or Ryo sounds good. For chargies you may want to start out with Leona as well. Fast and strong moves.

i hate chargies. and. im playing 02 because there is a tourny coming up.

and i started with k9999. which i dont know why but i like him a lot. and i guess i’ll try ryo and terry to.

i tried leona im just not use to kof2k2 at all. like im getting molested by the computer constantly.

if your talking “easy to learn” meaning meaning the motions(which i doubt since you said your starting with k4-9) then yeah terry is alright, but he sucks in '02, try kyo instead(he has an awesome MAX combo). but the best chars in '02, IMO are billy,kula,athena(in no order).

cam347: '02 is the SO much better '03. i wont go into details now, gotta go to bed.


And yes, there is little reason to play kof2k3 over 2k2.

In no order? Kula doesn’t belong there at all…although my Kula is pretty good but tier-wise she can’t compete with Choi, Vanessa, Iori and possiblly Yuri. The highest tier is easily Athena, Billy and Choi.

Haha, I see. K9999’s fairly easy for starters to. Simple special moves (qcf+p and dp+p are excellent), and :r:+:snka: and jumping C are good as well.

Just remember that two of K9999’s supers are raging storm motion (:db: :hcf: :df: :k: and :db: :hcf: :df: :p:) so it might take awhile.

The SDM (:qcf: :qcf: :snka: :snkb: :snkc: :snkd: at max mode with at least one stock) is simple enough.

Oh that happens in KOF a lot. I don’t have that much difficulty now, but then, I did. You could say the CPU sometimes has its own brand of cheating. LOL. Just stick to your guns.

i thought that was d,f,d+f~abcd

yeah i started with k9999 but his DMs are really hard for me to pull off with closeC~f+A~:db: :hcb: :df: + :snka: /:snkc:

I beg to differ, also 98 is better

It can be done with qcfx2, which some find easier.

C, f+A into that DM is hard to do. Just do C, or two A’s, into it. You can use shortcuts to achieve this. First off, try doing the DM as hcbx2, df+P. Then the shortcuts for the combos are:

  • hcbx2+C, df+A will do C, moon DM
  • hcb+A, hcb+A, df+A will do Ax2 into moon DM

You can also link the moon DM off his qcb+D which is an overhead…you can land other stuff off that qcb+D, such as walking up slightly and doing C, f+A.

so your saying with those shortcuts. it will do the small hits and then teh DM. is it really that easy?

Yes it is…the shortcuts allow you to store motions for use later. K9999 can do this in that combo because he doesn’t have a hcb+A/qcb+A move…so him doing hcb+A is the same thing as him doing a standing A. But since it saves the hcb motions, you can do hcbx2+A, and the only thing left to do the DM is now a df+A. you can apply this concept to any character.

For example, to run up and do an hcbx2+P throw, you can instead do hcb motion, then run up, and quickly do hcb+P. This will result in you doing an hcbx2+P throw while running, without flinching.

is there anyway to do teh f+a in that hcbx2+c df+a? or is it jsut a useless motion with teh amount of damage that hcbx2+c df+a does.

and so your saying that. if i get close. hit hcb run up the hit hcb+c it would work?

I haven’t found a shortcut that utilizes the f+A…if you want to do the C, f+A into DM combo, you’ll have to do it without shortcuts, which requires you to be really fast…I don’t think it’s worth it anyway.

Yes, I use this all the time…and it works on almost everyone, since it’s so damn fast. You’d have to do some psychic jumping to stop that.

wow thanks a lot man.

so. besdies k9999 i’ve been trying to use kula and i guess i’ll try kyo too since that seems like the general consensus of the thread. but i was wondering if you have any other tips/combos. because gamefaqs is horrible.

edit: i’d also like to find a reliable move list. because everything ive got is kinda off.

Yeah, go here: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106020

There is some Kula stuff somewhere in there.

For reliable movelist, use Kao Megura’s, from gamefaqs. But nothing else from gamefaqs is that useful. Someone on here wrote an faq on Kula that is on gamefaqs, that is a decent faq…although it is missing some stuff.

02 on PS2 has 2 things to offer though

Geese & Goenitz :D!!!

I’m starting to get into the kof series, and I’m trying to learn 98. Any advice for me? (I’ve checked and posted the kof98 thread in this forum, but this post has received way more visits than the other one).

who do u use?