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The CvS2 machine in my campus arcade was finally fixed today - although one of the joysticks is still completely f’ed. So, after about two months of a strict Third Strike diet, I thought I’d give CvS2 a try. Honestly, I think I’ll have much better play in it than I ever will in 3S.

That said, the task of learning CvS2 is a bit daunting to me. With six different grooves and Lord-knows how many characters, I just don’t know where to start. I’m in the process of reading back posts here in the forum, but I thought it would be good to appeal to my peers for advice.

Basically, what should I know?


  • How should I select a groove?

  • Is the combo timing vastly different than 3S?

  • What are some other major differences between the play of the two games - beyond the obvious?

  • Is Mai really that bad?

  • What are common mistakes?

I know that you all probably have much better things to do than reply to this thread, but I’d greatly appreciate you sharing your collective knowledge with me.

Thanks in advance.

  • Archer, eager to learn


Hi. I dont really play 3s but ill try to answer as im bored at work and no one else seems to be.

grooves… well, i would suggest C groove if you are just starting. there’s nothing too foreign to get used to so you can get used to the engine etc without having to worry too much about groove options…

combo timing will probably be different as most characters in CVS2 dont have chains. Although the links arent all that hard to pick up (most anyway, some are more difficult).

cvs2 game play is slow slow slow compared to 3s in my opinion … lots of turtling from what ive seen. . . especially when roll cancelling is involved

i like mai :smiley:

common mistakes… not blocking when you are in sagats c.fierce range :lol:


Mai is real good, one of the the higher mid-tier IMO. Start off with C, experiment with the other grooves. Other common mistakes are jumping too much, picking Kyosuke:lol: .


A groove= hard to preform damaging CCs. no air gaurd
C groove=ballanced groove. meter like the alpha series. has alpha counter
P groove= u should know

S groove= Real underrated groove, check out Doc Bs thread. no air gaurd. has alpha couonter
N groove= you can get a lvl 3 super and a level one super, no air block. no air gaurd. has counter roll, imagine alpha counter but with rolling behind.
K groove= JD everything and you will get meter fast, people will be afraid of your meter , many will turtle so rush down and footsies. great for turtle, walk up turtle, rushing.

all snk grooves have run CAp grooves have dash. SNKP have small jump.

Im missing more stuff , i personally use C/K and I’m learning S.

Great Characters to start with:

www.namonaki.com for A-Groove combos.

CVS2 feels slower than 3s. i have not played 3s in ahwhile so i forgot the rest.

Common mistakes:
Too much Roll/Dodge
Too much aggression

Mai is a great turtler. she does great against sagat.

this is a half-ass effort guide. hope it helps.


This is just reitterating other comments, but mainly, Mai is a good character in this game. Although she is not as able to endure damage as most other chars (being a kunoichi), she has a variety of techniques about her. The Mai char thread can give a bit of a guide on combos and good grooves. If you’re starting, choose C first to get the sync of the game.

A few good chars to start with:

Yuri (so underrated)

If you do want to learn more with Mai, get a bit of the game down before you learn her. She’s really easy to play, but it just takes time.



a common mistake for cvs2 beginner (who “transfers” from another game) is trying to combo too much (or at all)… if you’re new, i suggest you to base your game around just poking first. find good pokes with your characters and use them as main attacks. dont always try to go for combos, it’ll make you die faster.



Thanks everyone. Good advice - as usual.

I have decided on N-Groove for the time being, and it seems to be working out alright. (I tried K-Groove initially, but that just wasn’t jiving with my total lack of knowledge and game-specific skills.

For team members, I’ve bounced around trying to find people I like, but who don’t seem to be ridiculously hard to learn. R2 Ryu is my constant anchor because he is my best Third Strike character and some of his B&B transfers. Otherwise though, the list of attempted pick-ups looks something like this:

Morrigan (K)
Kim (K)
Sagat (K)
Hibiki (K)

Mind you, this was before I’d read any of the replies, and, as you probably would have guessed, I ran into some…er…difficulties. For the moment, I’m keen to learn Athena.

As for my problems…

Basically, SaiYuk hit the nail on the head; I’ve been trying to combo way too much. (‘WTF! Are there any damn combos in this game?’) It’s simply that I’ve been hardcoded to rely on combos for the last few years and it’s quite the tough habit to break. I’m trying though.

Also, having only ever played KOF on rare occasions in the past, the structure of their moves and tactics seems completely foreign. I know, I know…It’s not that different, but coming off of MvC2 and, now, 3S, the notion of QCF - HCB+P is mindnumbing - and, as I’ve been finding out, rather finger twisting as well; for my executional accuracy with Shining Crystal Bit is a sorry and meager 50%.

So… I’ve decided, based on your collective deft advice, to return to basics and, with the exception of faithful Ryu, forget about chains, links, cancels and supers for a short while and see where that takes me.

In the meantime, if anyone could help me construct a decent learning team, I’d appreciate it. (_____ / Athena? / R2 Ryu). I think Hibiki is fun, and am (obviously) predisposed toward Mai, but the former is a bit tricky to learn from what I’ve read; and both of 'em have low stamina. Thoughts?

Keep the suggestions coming. And please keep in mind that I’ve been playing CvS2 for all of two whole days.

Thanks again.

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Mai is a fairly easy character to pick up. Sagat can also do lots of damage. If you like mai I would suggest you use her, Sagat is fun to use sometimes too, although I dont have him in my team.


Throw fans from full screen, try to bait them into jumping and do a far S.Fierce. If they get close just sweep them. Her sweep is really fast. Cancel it into a fan for a safe poke string (at full range of sweep they can roll through the fan though). If they quick getup the sweep the fan will hit them for free damage. You can condition people to not quick getup so that you can get in closer after a sweep to pressure them. Also if you are using n you can run and sweep again if they get up. If you get cornered (or rather you are about to) you can jump off the wall and fly across the screen with qcb+fp. She also has an air throw which you can use to mixup her s.fierce against p/k grooves. Jump in with short or roundhouse usually… short crosses up…

anyway, that’s mai basics i think… but if you get good at that you can do that to a lot of people… i usually turtle with mai, i dunno how to rush down with her.


If you wanna combo pick Kyo, he’s the combo freak of the game. Iori has some good combos too.


Don’t worry about the Roll. If you get into of that habit you’ll get your ass kicked like i did when i started. i had to play k groove for 2 months to get out of that habit.


Sagat is a good beginner character to start out with. Play as if the only button that was working was fierce punch. Then later you can add jab and roundhouse. This is the fastest way to learn Sagat.

Cammy is also good to start with. Just play as if you only have fierce and roundhouse.

Playing with these limitations will quickly teach you the zoning aspect of CvS2. Then, and only then, should you try to learn combos or more advanced characters like A-sakura or Blanka.


Don’t use Athena in N groove… Her best groove is A and then S. N Blanka Cammy and Sagat are all good, N Iori is really good too. Try to read some past threads to learn about Roll Cancels and the current Tiers and how they’re played etc.


A-groove can’t punish Blanka Balls and Honda Headbutts guy… S-groove has to get a successful dodge first.

Should he still not use Athena in N?


imo, this is the slowest way to learn sagat, though you may have some initial success. take the time to learn him as you would any other character, if you choose to use him.