"Just Stay Down For Now" Raven Gameplay Thread

So I Noticed That There Isnt A Gameplay Specific Thread About Raven’s Gameplay Style So I Decided To Create One

So I Was In The Lab Today And I Figured Out That If You Can Get The Timing Of His Air Stars Perfect You Can Apply Major Pressure From A Distance Also You Can Combo Into It And Use It To Dash In And Out Of A Blocked Hit Confirm :slight_smile:

I was hoping i can contribute some information to thread i decide to put my two cent in the thread. From what i learned about Raven is seem to work well with Hugo, but if you think about it i think any team has chemistry.

Raven ex alter ego move wall bounces. (Combo) So what I’m thinking is you can tag in Hugo the moment alter ego hits then combo with hugo.


You could possible put in some good damage on opponent.


It cost meter to put that in damage. You have to use it wisely.

I learned more tactics but right i’m hungry. lol. I hope contribute information.

Anything Helps Bro But I Think You Could Put That Meter Into Super I Would Only Suggest That If You Need To Get Raven Out For Some Reason
Ie. Heath, Gem, Or Any Other Reason
Would That Be More Of What You Were Going For?

When you capitalize every word it makes your sentences very difficult to read.

my bad

So… I just started with Raven. I pretty much just know his combos and footsies. What makes Raven good and what should be my gameplan with him/what are his mixups?

What makes him good?
-great standing jab
-good left/right mixups if they don’t roll
-high meterless damage
-good fireball

  • strong anti fireball game
  • meterless combos build high amount of meter
  • super gives him dominant screen control
  • cr.mk is dumb

what’s his anti-fireball game? LP fireball xx teleport behind?

Pretty much, doesnt work on Guile though. Other than that, I just try to tiger knee my stars over whatever they’re throwing. Also wind cross can travel under most projectiles pretty well. MK Alter Ego CAN go over projectiles but its less reliable since the startup is so long.

Wind cross/super through projectiles. Can also do lk EX alter ego.

Whaaaat QCB P goes through projectiles? Without EX? News to me.

WOOP WOOP Just got 5th out of a 20 something person tournament today thanks to Raven. Only characters that really gave me trouble were King, Rufus, and Abel.

Yea. Today I beating up players MUCH better than me thanks to Raven being kinda broke. I need another character with a stand jab this good, thinking Law or Rolento.

So can you meaty his QCB + P for left/right shenanigans?