Just the Alternate Costumes

Not sure if I’m even allowed to talk about this, but with all these threads concerning custom-made costumes, is there a similar way to use the alternate costumes already in the game? Thanks.

If you’re not sure, you probably shouldn’t.

By the way, what the hell are you referring to in particular?

he’s talking about *the *game

Isn’t this the topic that can get a person Banned?
This being related to SFIV for PC.

pretty sure that’s referring to any and all piracy of SF4, modding should be ok.

I know about the Piracy of SFIV for PC thing.
But this is the other offense for SFIV PC.
It was last week’s news.

Mod the Alternative Costume is okay (just do not show to public).
But Alternate Costume not officially released yet.

That is why can get Banned for asking or show how to obtain.
Someone already did get Banned.

I didn’t know that. I guess I won’t ask about it then.