Just visiting a thread logs you out

keep getting logged out just going into the d.m.v. thread in the atlantic north matchmaking thread. not even posting anything. just go into thread and then go elsewhere and im logged out afterwards.

are you using www.shoryuken.com or shoryuken.com?

There are threads and link that logs you out. There’s already a topic about it.

I’ve never had this issue… these threads and links you are clicking on, do they contain www.?

I know a thread exists already I’m just answering Jaxel’s question. It seems even if you type www.shoryuken.com the address in the address bar it reads shoryuken.com

It seems by default it takes out the www part. Unless the person catches it when they enter the forums it stays on shoryuken.com without the www. I tested this on IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Iron. Hope this helps a little bit.


whenenever i post on the tourny thread ECT thread for example i get loggedf out if i post on the last page but works i post on the first page

Ive applied a fix, try it out and let me know.

Our matchmaking thread for El Paso in Southwest didn’t let us post. It says must be logged in to do that. So we started a new thread. Now the new thread is doing the same thing. What gives Mr. Wizard should we start another thread?

[S]This thread wouldn’t let me post (“you must be logged in to do that…”) for awhile until I cleared my cookies.[/S] Never mind, figured out it was because another thread had logged me out. The “NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread” in Tech Talk happens to be the culprit.

Some of these bugs will be fix after EVO. Unless they’re still looking into it. But, with EVO just a month away. Might take some time before this is fix.