Just want to make TE 360 stick work on PS3


I just ordered a MC Cthulhu board and it came in yesterday. I’ve been reading several guides and what not but I don’t see a single tutorial for just putting the chip in a stick. All of the guides are for soldering stuff so you can get the stick to work on GameCube and stuff which is great but on focus attack it says the most basic installation is solder less. So basically I open the stick and see the quick disconnects but have no idea how to connect them to the cthulhu board. Am I supposed to buy extra wire or something?


The MC Cthulhu is in no way solderless you have to get the TE kittyif you want solderless and also you need to get an IMP board if you want to stick with the cthulhu. The TE Kitty does not need it though strongly recommended if you dont want to solder


" For PC and PS3 support, the installation is solder-free." Copied from the focus attack page. Thanks for the info on that TE kitty


Yes. Its solder free. IF you’re going to be installing it on its own without any other PCBs. nowhere does it say its solder free if you’re going to dual mod it with another PCB.


The original red and white TE and the black Round 2 TE-S only require the TE-Kitty, but the TE-S and some other models require the extra TE-S harness kit.

Be sure to get the TE-S wire harness kit if you are installing into a TE-S stick. Some sticks that cosmetically look like a Standard TE like the Blaze Blue or MLG are actually TE-S models. Some I am not sure about.

Yeah but in your case you want to keep xbox 360 functionality, which would make it a complicated dual mod. The description didn’t mention anything about xbox 360.


I actually don’t care about it working on xbox 360 seeing as I only have a ps3 right now.


If you want to do the work yourself, I’d really have to recommend getting a TE Kitty. Way less effort and one of the best and easiest guides to follow to get it done. Seriously, having that guide alone is worth the extra $15 if you’re not an old hand at this stuff.