Just want your opinion



I know this game is just about balanced but i wanted to get your opinion on something. Would you guys like capcom to go back and tweak some things such as giving yang his cross up and a few other minor changes?

Someone started a petition for SSFIVAE 2013
If you’d like to have those minor changes without anything huge sign up and leave comments on what you want to be added.


3 frame s.lk
Better hitboxes on his grounded normals (akin to yun).

His crossup was retardely good for a divekick character so i’m not a big fan of putting it back in.


Along with a 3 frame s.lk i’d like if they made atleast one of his dive kicks have an ok cross up ability.


I approve of the yang buffs.


id like lk dive kick to cross up like yuns, and more active frames on hk and ex roll kick.because i hate when i go for chip and miss because of a completely random up or up back


While I see where you’re coming from, cross up lk dive kick wouldn’t benefit Yang as much as it does Yun.

Yun’s specials like his up kicks and dash punch leave him right beside you, the optimal positioning for a cross up dive kick. Yang’s dp knocks them a little ways away, so they would supposedly guess between dive kick or cross up j.mk. I’d rather have j.mk cross up to be back, not as ridiculous as it was in Æ, but usuable.

I would like to see more active frames on his rolls too, yes. That’s actually really nice considering if you hit with the later active frames, you could most likely EX roll or Ultra 2 afterwards.


I want his s.mk hitbox improved to the point where it can reliably beat Gief’s s.mp. I don’t care how they do it, but if that’s the only thing they do I’ll be happy. Otherwise I’d settle for a -1 on block lp rekka or throw invincibility back on ex command throw. I guess any of those could cause sweeping changes to the metagame, but I think one improved poke and maybe a return to the 2011 damage values would make him fairly competitive again.


It would be nice if rekkas did some stun and maybe give him back 3f st.lk or let cr.lk link into cr.lp/st.lp eaiser.


Either give him his st.lk and j.mk back or give back his old damage values.


I didn’t use Yang very much in AE, so why was his cross up j.mk so good? I’m guess itshit box was huge or something?

It would be nice to seethe AE damage totals back but I think if they did give him the ability to cross up again with j.mk, that’d be great too. Funny no one has mentioned putting dive kicks as they were too.


I think the throw invincibility back would be amazing!


His hitbox was as good as any shotos or most chars j.mk I think it was just cr.mk roll into divekick or j.mk or ambigious j.mk was just too good.


Was way too ambiguous, specially for a divekick character.

Regarding the old divekick, at first i had that “omg sky is falling” reaction, but you eventually get used to it and now i’m happy that it has a downside for poor divekicks. With that old flux of divekick and vortex characters i’m kind sick of people doing dumb shit and getting away with it, cammy is enough.


Id rather have crossup hitbox improved not ae 2011 version but good enough so he can crossup characters like rose at the moment he cant, and dp fadc being -1 rather than -3 and better upper hitbox on lk dp so he can properly punish people who like to keep neutral jumping him.


Safer light rekka and throw invincibility on ex.command grab would make the matchup against grapplers so much easier. A better hitbox on divekicks would be great to so they can crossup easier like yun’s would be good to. Also, if upkicks knocked everyone an equal amount away, that would make setups and pressure afterward much better and easier. The old st.lk would be awesome too.


He doesnt need safer light rekka, its safe enough and if he can cross up with dive kick it would make his mixups retarded, since from launcher resets he can go for setups with dive kick that will avoid reversals and get a safe crossup which he can already do but character specific and harder, but with a better dive kick it would make it stupid, chainable cr lk would be great though this will allow him to go into a block string with a 3frame normal.


I think that Capcom can manage to make his j.mk better without being retarted. I mean yes he’s a dive kick character but the way it is now is very weak. Or at least they could just make his dive kick like in AE ?

I think an improvement in his dive kick OR j.mk + 3f st.lk would be beneficial for him.


Started to goof around with Yang the other night and am kind of bummed I didn’t play him pre-2012. I really feel that the twins have been nerfed to the point that they are not worth using.


It’s true that the twins took a big nerf with Yang taking the brunt of it, but Yun was changed too and he’s still a character used competitively, especially in Japan, i mean look at Kazunoko. Yang can be a challenge in his current state in certain ways but I really think the people who are still playing him are people that don’t care about tier lists and just like the character and people who don’t play hyper competitively because in that respect, yeah you’re in for a run for your money there.

At the same time though look at Rom, a Yang player who played at EVO and he might not have done particularly well but he’s still there out to prove that Yang can be strong in the right hands.


I think Yang is still better than Yun.