Just what are they saying?

2D Japanese-made fighting games. Filled with spoken phrases, many of which are supposed to be in english, but voiced by native-Japanese people, so the clarity of the words are sometimes less than stellar. Some of the words can be interpreted, or guessed… but others are just WTF?

I want to know what Young Geese says in his winning pose in KOF Neowave! It sounds like he’s saying, “Where’s my gift card”.

And can anyone decipher what Ruby Heart ever says?

This is a reoccuring topic here at srk… but I mainly just want to know what those two characters are saying. :wasted:


Elena in 3s: “I’M A WHORE!!!” (Actually supposed to be “Rhino Horn”)
My sister also heard the above one as “RUN HOME!!!”
“MY FAULT!!!” (Supposed to be “Mallet Smash”(!?))

Mai - “Guys are yummy!” Cap vs. SNK 2 (I actually have no clue what she is saying, but I like my version! :wink: )

Lol, what the hell. None of her phrases even start with a g.
The closest things she has are “Nippon ichi” or “Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi”, and those’re still nowhere near that o_O

Wow, this thread has totally never been done before!

3 months have indeed passed.

Anyway, here’s one:

AoF2’s Temjin’s qcf+P has always sounded as if he’s saying ‘Burger King!’


Guess this one will live for winter, so I can see it again come spring.