Just what is "Melty Blood"?

O.K. all I know of it is that i used to be some fanproject based off of the mugen engine, so now it’s in Japanese Arcades I hear? - WTF is going on?, is it taken seriously over there?


It’s getting more and more popular.


Satsuki for Presdient.

It’s a new type of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s…I think those guys are starting to lose it.

Someone send me match vids with Nanaya in 'em. Stat.


Melty Blood is based off the Anime/Manga TsukiHime. It is a very good Fighting game on the PC and now in the Arcade. If you want a copy I have some for sale just click on over to my site.

To start, if you want more I’ll go dig up old Mad Tea Party matches.


Melty Blood: The key ingredient needed to transition from normal to Super Saiyan.

Haha, hey Thongboy, next you’re at UCLA, maybe I can show you MBR? My friend Chris (guy who uses Chun Li that you destroyed) talks about you now and then.

Haha, he was cool. Tell him I said hey.

I’d like to get down, sure. But I can never get up to UCLA until after 7 or so usually, as I’m in my office all day before that. Next week is E3, so I know my time is going to be ridiculously strained, but after that shenanigans is over I’m all about it. I’ll post up in the UCLA thread.

Thanks yo,


Gawd, when the torrent file hosting feature hits SRK, I got a live match recorded by myself with Bellreisa speaking some Japanese sounding like an announcer.

It’s fucking hilarious. We even throw in stuff in the commentary we’ve heard in other random JP live match vids.

Wtf Dragonsama I wish I saw your site earlier I paid 70 for Guilty :frowning:

Which was based of the original game: Tsukihime (http://www.typemoon.com). It was an HDoujin that became really popular and spawned the manga/tv series so if you think about it. Melty Blood is actually a game based on an anime based on a game.

No, the game was based on the original game, not the series or the manga.

Melty Blood: melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

It’s a fighting game NOT based on MUGEN, kthx. It’s instead ripping off Guilty Gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

First came the doujin game Tsukihime. Then came the doujin sequel, Kagetsu Touya. Then came the original Melty Blood, which is sort of an expansion of Kagetsu Touya. After that was the anime (which sucked). Then there was Melty Blood ReACT, an expansion/sequel to the original. After that was Melty Blood Act Cadenza, a further expansion of ReACT.

It’s gaining popularity because it has an arcade port now and the 2D scene is pretty stagnant in general otherwise. Yukinose and some other famous #r players play it.

Thongboy, MTP, if you guys want to throw down with some MBR, YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW. Hit me up in PM or on ER.

if that doesn’t work open this link in a new browser for screenshot of Melty Blood.


It’s a pretty fun fighting game series for PC(windows), that’s pretty much all I know.

Nah, I’ll just get the stuff from my homeboys back home in Cleveland for free nice try - can’t knock your hustle.

And it was made using the MUGEN engine last I heard.

Any NON Fanboy answers?

I will reistate it once again.


The game uses an original engine created by French Bread (formerly Watanabe Seisakujo), who worked in collaboration with Type-Moon, the group who created the original Tsukihime. Type-Moon provided the character design (Takashi Takeuchi) and story (Kinoko Nasu) while French Bread created the game engine, music, sprites, etc.

Some people has ripped the sprites to make Mugen characters but that’s it.


Bellreisa’s post is correct in terms of chronology. The anime and ReACT came out relatively close, so I am not 100% about those.

There’s more than enough information of Melty Blood in more than one thread. No need to make more threads for asking the same question(s). Thank you.

People helped clueless kid out and then get titled as fanboys. Only on srk, baby. How else can anyone explain better? Shit, PM beelzebubble or something because he played that game.

Dragonsama, how much is shipping on your site?
And can that PC version of Guilty Gear XX be played online?

You’re a tremendous ass.

One. The game isn’t made off the MUGEN engine. Even if it was, it works nothing like MUGEN and has a unified core engine for all the characters, higher quality of animation, and all that.

Second. The game is NOT freeware. It’s technically not allowed to be used outside the U.S. as far as I know, so buying a legit copy is what you’re supposed to be doing instead of leeching off friends. Yes, I’ve leeched off friends. Everyone does it. You don’t have to call someone trying to sell you a legit copy a scam artist. YOU are the one getting the illegal copy, not him.

People try to answer informatively and you cop this shitty attitude. Man, only on SRK indeed.

Hey you, some people did bother to preorder ReACT :stuck_out_tongue:

But as of your main point, COSIGN