Just what makes Yoshi a "Great Team Player?"



I’ve seen it mentioned quite a few times both here and on other forms that Yoshi is one of if not the best “team player” in SFxT, and that one of the reasons that people see him as F tier is that they are only seeing him as a singles fighter, not as utility.

What exactly are the things that make him so? I’ve yet to reach a highly competitive level of understanding, so when I think team synergy I think whether the character builds or burns meter, a cross counter that launches, damage potential on tag combos, whether they are successful as a point or anchor, and how they can cover various weaknesses in their partner such as creating safe tags or possessing a good reversal. Most of these are highly dependent on the two characters specifically looked at, and are not really exemplary of a universal team player.
So what makes people give Yoshi this title? If I can grasp the concept I really want to learn this character, as I’ve played a supportish role in every team based game I can think of (Medics ftw!).


Hmmm. We’ve been discussing this all over the main thread and also in the tech thread, but I don’t see any point in not answering your question here.

Short answer: windmill> switch cancel> big damage from second character.

I’ll elaborate later unless someone beats me to it.


Yeah, I’ve looked into the main thread and found some things, but I thought it could be useful to have all of it condensed not over hundreds and hundreds of posts. That way, when someone like me comes along and goes “I like team players, I want to try Yoshi” they can jump right into the tech.

If anyone can, mentioning some ways in which he is good as a point character and how he builds meter so fast/is not too reliant on meter himself would also be helpful. If not, I’ll scour the threads and try to piece up an explanation myself, though it would be from the mouth of a Yoshi scrub.


He builds meter (CADC and a lot of his moves hit multiple times), has 4 TC moves that leave the opponent grounded (some of which give you half a bar back), can always bring a character in safely and in the other player’s face.


He builds the meter, and for my Hei/yoshi team he’s mainly the one “spending” the meter by tag canceling off of windmill or ex SUS or stone fists.

Ex SUS and stone fists also have armor, and his ex Gehosen is his best anti air if you’re reacting late, or you can just block the jump in and use the cross cancel Gehosen.

If you can find a character that doesn’t really need meter to do big damage, like Hei or Hugo, etc. then that’s probably your best bet.


Yoshimitsu builds a lot of meter very quickly. All of his moves except Gehosen keep the opponent standing on the ground, denying them their wake up options and allowing you to Switch cancel for good damage or go for a reset that can lead into 600-700 damage for 1 bar of meter if you know what you’re doing.

He is annoying for the opponent be cause they have to respect Windmill and Flea Slide and when they stop respecting it you can anti-air or air to air them. He also has a decent teleport you can use to make reversals whiff and avoid meaties. He can run away pretty well when you have life lead and even though he’s not a real zoner, you can still control some ground and air space with Windmill and Poison Breath.

Windmill tag cancel on block builds back half a bar so your risk is losing 0.5 meter and your reward is dealing over 400 damage. His main gameplan revolves around Windmill so you need to know its max range and you need to know its weaknesses. For example, windmill can be used to AA but only when they jump from further away. When they’re at jump distance Windmill loses to jump in attacks. So knowing this you can use Windmill charge to bait jump ins, then .dash cancel forward or backward and punish.

All in all, I find Yoshimitsu pretty good despite his flaws. Definitely not top tier on his own, but teamed with the right partner he can look pretty high tier.


All these things definitely sound fun (if needing time to master), thanks everyone. Problem is I have a surplus of batteries and not many meter eaters. I can go Yoshi/Nina (my best character) and play her more metereatery, or maybe Yoshi/Kuma.


You hear that alot, because that team is AWESOME. I’m not great at playing Kuma, but its a boss team.

I’m going Yoshimitsu/King, I think.


So boss it makes you feel bad?


Yoshi/Kuma is alpha as fuck.

I just realized we don’t have a team synergy thread. Dammit Vulcan.


Yoshi/Kuma has the potential to be the best team ever.
It was one of my first teams ever and i’m glad I shared it on SRK, and other people play it as well :slight_smile:

Yoshi is played well with people that have high damage potential, or people that have trouble getting in.
Also, people with command grabs with Yoshi is horrendous for the other player, if they block windmill they get mixups, if they get hit they get beat down HARD.


are all amazing teams.


You can this to one of the reason why Yoshimitsu is a battery character.
The fact that Yoshimitus grants people to do corner MIDSCREEN is huge.


hey =]
i play with yoshi at first position
and the reason why yoshi first is because i use 3 onslaught gems so i get bars really quick
with 1 gem active, i do windmill->TC->(raven)combo+launch->(yoshi)launch followup
and after that i got the EXACTLY the same bar i had before the TC
which translate to - HUGE DAMAGE without losing bar and yoshi on stage
actually, almost every special yoshi has is a multi-hit, multi-hit + onslaught gems = extremely fast bar building
i sometimes find myself with full bar after 15 secs of fight and 2 gems still active


I hereby proclaim on this day, that I am the original Yoshimitsu/Bison player now what say you?

jk but fair comment, and as a side note to compensate for bison’s lacking high damage combos, If I Windmill TC into bison and Magic Series into Yoshi and finish with Gehosen ender, I build back the one bar I spent on the TC and Yoshi is at his optimum range IMO. Plus Yoshi builds enough bar (with gems) for Bison super often twice in one round, making up for Bison’s finisher issues.


Don’t do the “magic series”, you’ll only scale the damage with too many weak hits. Next time just try nj.roundhouse/fierce right into manual Launcher. Deals more damage and builds as much meter I think.


I’ll check the meter gain next time I can, my fightpad is broken, playing downback like a champion has busted the d-pad, ha, it’s gone soft and locks in the down position, so yeah probably can’t play 'til next week. Damage is of course important too.


You probably do more damage and build very slightly less meter by doing what vulcan suggested. Or if you link hits instead of chaining you’ll get more damage also.

But yeah I basically do the same concept with Hei as I’ve mentioned in the tech thread. I do windmill> switch cancel> (Hei) HP xx qcfp > Lk, HP, launcher> (yoshi) close mp xx gehosen.


I can attest to Yoshi/Hugo.

j.HP> Raw Launch > Gigas Breaker - 2 meter, 519 Damage (if j.HP connected with all three hits)


You like learning, so grab an arcade stick. You can downback all day and be good for tomorrow. :smiley:
Think of your arcade stick as your Demon Sword, it is an extension of you. (NO not THAT one, pervs! :wgrin:)

Yoshi is very intriguing. I am still researching characters for Main/alt teams & he is on my list. His iteration in T5 was much fun.
Yoshi/Julia? Yoshi/Ibuki? Yoshi/Rolento? Thinking Yoshi/Guy would be ILL…


I was just think about team synergy. I play Yoshi/Juri but I’m definitely no Vulcan Hades - that team was my pre-determined team when I first saw SFxTK. My orgins were from Tekken but I wanted to try a SF character too, Juri seemed the most boss and after I discovered she’s a villain I stand corrected.

His gameplay is definitely based around his Windmill and gotta love that j. hp. Once you learn the range and practise that hcb catching people with raw windmills, super charges and doing SSC to bait.

@SNR: I was literally thinking about doing a Yoshi/Bison team like when I was playing then hopped on the computer. I have no knowledge of Bison, I just thought he’s so cool - kinda disappointed he’s a charge character. I just don’t feel that confident with him; odd though, I main Ash Crimson in KoFXIII and he’s a charge character too.