Just When You Thought They Were Done...JACKASS 3D!


So it looks like the next Jackass movie starts filming at the end of January. Is anyone else excited and somewhat creeped out by the fact that it’s gonna be in 3D?:lol:

I don’t think i am that excited about seeing a dicks in 3D.




High five


i knew they weren’t done. You honestly thought Steve-O or half the rest of them would still have money by now???

And the high five made me lol to death. So did Steve O in the port-a-potty

WTF was that a live gorilla in Bam’s parents house?

shouldnt this be in the another gay thread??

This should be retitled Just when you hoped they were done. I hope they all get injured during filming and it is never released.

When I saw that part of the trailer, it was like 1am on a weekday. Me and one of my roommates never laughed so hard. We ended up accidentally waking up our other roommate.

I honestly can’t wait to see this. I saw the the 2nd one in the theatre. It’s one of those movie-going experiences where it’s augmented when you watch it in a theatre and are laughing with 100+ other people. I had the same feeling the first time I saw The Hangover on opening night.

Day 1 viewing for me

I’ll admit, I lolled at the “high five.”

Oh wow, somebody seems to classy for slapstick.

1 - the high five is freaking funny as hell, i could not stop laughing the first time i saw it
2 - i truly hope steve-o can stay clean, he made a new hole in his nose because of the money he made from the previous movies

wtf you mean slapstick? this for them fools that like to slapdick against dick.

While the high five was good, I feel like I’ve seen the best part of the movie and don’t have to watch it in theaters…