Just wondering jp stick cases

is there anyone or anyplace where i can buy a case to fit sanwa/sem parts.
dont know where to get a stick and mod it. but i hate looking at the excess buttons and etc and thinking about how to get rid it. i already checked the custom stick thread the blank sticks prices are higher than what im aiming for. this is driving me nuts.

plastic, wood or metal doesnt matter.


well if you can get a hold of chad from lizard lick and ask him about control panels… see if he will be nice and get u one of those seimitsu cps from their catalog or the sanwa

I have a HRAP1 empty case I am not using…
but I live “in a glaxay far far away”, so it might cost you in terms of shipping.
(I guess around 50 bucks via EMS)

not to sure how this site is, but heres a link for future reference incase some one wants to buy it.


just brought a stick thou.