Just wondering why didn't SFIV come out on PS2/Wii/PSP?

Just wondering.

Wouldn’t the sales have been over 100% more with the PS2 and Wii?

I have all the systems, retardedly bought it on both consoles upon release, and hate SFIV, so it is of no consequence to me, Capcom already took my ass, but I am honestly wondering why it never happened?

It cant be for the reason that those systems wouldn’t do the graphics justice… The game came out on iphone for crying outloud.

Not many games get released on the PS2 anymore, sure you see some here and there, but meh, not suprised on that one.

And the Wii… well, I imagine the very thought of putting some kind of obligatory motion controls into the system was just to much of a joke.

But it was apparently okay for TvC.

When the game came out… Just over a year ago PS2 was still strong.

TVC has regular controls.


I assumed that was what AudioCG was talking about.

TvC’s arcade board is based on Wii hardware. Porting the game and system over was probably very easy for Capcom. Also TvC outputs at most 480p from what I remember. So putting TvC on the Wii (a 480P system) as opposed to the PS3 and 360 (720-1080p) makes a lot more sense. It was designed to be ported to the Wii from day one most likely.

SFIV is a 1080p game and makes far more sense to port it to new generation consoles that are HD capable (and of course PCs). Considering that SFIV has had pretty excellent sales I don’t see the motivation for Capcom to port it to the Wii, PS2, or even the PSP. SFIV on the Wii would be horrible looking compare to the PS3/360 versions.

Also who wants a game watered down across so many consoles anyways? Look how bad T6BR’s port turned out when Namco split the development team into PS3 and 360 teams when they were originally tasked with just optimizing the game for a PS3 release.

Less is more in this case. SFIV was a good port. Arcade perfect from what I understand, no downgrade in graphics, and dual platform launch (PS3,360).

what about the iphone version though? you skipped over that one.

Friend I know this, I was only referring to ACG’s post purely on the point of control scheme/format and why that wouldn’t/would be a factor for the port.

Basically saying if TvC was able to be played wiimote/VC controller/GC pad/stick than the same option should be available for IV as well.

Does the Iphone have better graphics than psp?

The PSP was possible, but it would’ve made no sense for the former two.

Yes, the PS2 was still going strong–but Spider-Man: Web of Shadows was a waste of a port to the PS2 during that period, and so was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Porting it to the PS2 would’ve been utterly pointless.

What kind of dumb question is that? Why would u release a next gen game on the ps2?

^ Because the graphics/models could have been done. The only thing taxing on the PS2 or Wii would be self-shadowing. But Soul Calibur 2 has it.

SFIV is not that impressive. It only has the fact that it’s rendered in 720. When you see SFIV being playing in SD… I see nothing the last generation can’t do. Tekken 4 and 5 have more shit going on, and more detailed backgrounds and character models than SFIV.

Keeping the game at 60FPS on lesser hardware would have meant static hair (SFIV’s hair looks BAD anyway) and no self shadows. I think people get “graphics” confused for “resolution”. SFIV is meant for HD resolution, but they are graphics that are doable on PS2/Wii. Something like Tekken 6, on the other hand cannot be done on PS2 or Wii.

Because they did not think it was worth it.

and yet…[media=youtube]nfG3gwrpUE4&feature=related[/media]

I know. And THAT looks like ass.

A PS2/Wii version of T6BR would have looked better than that… but the difference would be much more than they would for SFIV. I really think SFIV would not look much different, unlike Tekken would. The 3D backgrounds in CVS2 and MVC2 are more detailed than SFIV’s BG’s.

You are fucking delusional, why would capcom invest their time and money on porting a game to the ps2.

there was a quote w/ ono where he said the graphics were scalable and could be done on old shit

this is apparent if you just tweak settings w/ the pc version

the reason that you’d release on tjhe ps2 is because the ps2 is owned by more people than either next gen console

the reason you wouldn’t is because a release would dig into ps3 sales

Capcom quit making PS2 games a long time ago.

And you’re taking it too serious, sweetheart. And money-wise if would have made perfect sense to do it when SFIV came out. Obviously not now, or not with SSFIV.

Releasing games for the ps2 is going backwards not forward