Just wondering why didn't SFIV come out on PS2/Wii/PSP?

Except Capcom has already quit making PS2 games by then.

And let’s not forget the issue with the online. Yeah, PS2 could go online, but lord knows it was a hassle to do it. Not many fighters (SC2/3, T4/5, VF4) went online with the PS2, and I think there was a fairly good reason behind it due to the horsepower of the system. The PS2 could definitely handle SF4 with a few sacrifices- I mean, look at T5- but online-wise it wouldn’t have made for a very good system, and Capcom knew that one of the biggest draws for the game would have been the online.

Like Capcom cares about not going forward.

It would be possible to port SFIV to any system, but Capcom would probably lose money. People with ps2’s who haven’t bought a new system sure aren’t going to buy new games. Most people who have a Wii also have another console, there’s just no market for it.

Since when has capcom ever gone backwards with the current times.

You do realize that Tekken 6 is rendered natively at 576p right? which is a Sub-HD Resolution, whereas Street Fighter IV is native at 720p based on the specifications of the Arcade version running on the Taito X2 board. If Tekken 6 was capable enough to be done on the PSP, it would be an easy feat to make it play the same with the graphics toned down slightly comparably to the PS3 and 360 version for a PS2 port.

But I hope you aren’t thinking with the mindset because Tekken 6 looks more realistic it has higher graphical demands then Street Fighter IV, because the above article proves this not to be the case at all.

Well SF4 is a prequel to SF3… that is pretty backward to me.

I understand no port to the PS2, but I don’t understand no Wii port. If it is possible to do it right, which Ono said it is, it just would seem to make sense. You would reach a huge potential audience, and potentially convert over some new players. It wouldn’t have hurt the sales on the hd consoles, as it wouldn’t be the “best” version, and I would guess there are a ton of people out there who used to play SFII at arcades or on the SNES back in the day who are grown up, have jobs, and only have a Wii. These are the people a Wii port would reach. But whatever.

Capcom probably doesn’t have a PS2 team any more. Not worth the cash to release on PS2.

Wii doesn’t have enough buttons, and the fact of the matter is it wouldn’t make enough sales to be worthwhile. Most SF players have an Xbox or a PS3 as well as a Wii, if they do have a wii at all, and would probably opt for the superior version.

You DO realize that there ARE Arcade Sticks for the Wii as well backwards playable GC titles that are playable with the standard 6 button layout that adheres to Street Fighter already. Case in point being CvS2. The classic controller also accommodates the Virtual Console STREET FIGHTER II games that have been released already for it (4 face buttons 2 shoulder triggers = 6 Buttons)

Should I also mention the fact that there are several fighting games from a competitive stand point that DID in fact receive a Wii release without gimped controls (Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, King of Fighters Orochi Saga (94 through 98), Samurai Shodown Anthology)

Just because a game is released on the Wii does not imply that it’s restricted to Wiimote style controls.

quick, go out every capcom game on ps2, wii, and psp so that capcom knows to release sf4 on these systems =P

You’re mentioning extra things that you have to pay for, just for the game to be playable, while the 360 and PS3 controllers don’t require you to purchase another controller just to play the game.

could SF4 be ported over to the wii? Sure, in the same manner that SFA2 was ported over to the SNES.

It’d be a really inferior port with no upside. What get a few people who own wiis and not PS3 or 360 to buy the game for casual use? They can already do that on the iphone for much cheaper.

To try and convert a few smash players? Not going to happen, they’re stuck in their rut and wouldn’t want to try something that isn’t smash.

It’ll be an inferior port, with worse graphics, worse animation, more glitches, more bugs, more uncombos, less extra content… you’d essentially be getting the bare bones of SF4 with severely toned down gameplay and for what? To appeal to the few FG fans that own a wii and nothing else? Doesn’t make sense, we got lucky with arcade perfect ports of the PS3 and 360, why would anyone willingly want inferior ports for the sake of having them?

Lets all play SFA2 on the SNES for evo!

“could SF4 be ported over to the wii? Sure, in the same manner that SFA2 was ported over to the SNES”

Umm, no. The people at capcom have already said that the Wii can handle the engine, the only difference is it doesn’t output in 720p (SFIV’s native resolution) and can’t handles some of the stuff like the hair. That is radically different than the crap that was SFA2 for the SNES. As for the gameplay being toned down, where do you get this crap? They said it would work, and that the gameplay would be the same. Sorry that you hate the Wii, but the game would run on the console, and the gameplay would be identical. The question is whether it would sell or not, and I think TvC shows it would. Why would people buy it? Because a lot more people own the Wii then the Ps3 or the 360, and a lot of them like street fighter, but don’t want to pay $360 (the cost of the game plus the console) just to play one game. Most of those people don’t post on here, but they exist.

The market share for the PS3 + 360 is greater than that of the Wii. So doing a dual platform release for both of the 720-1080p capable consoles is a smarter decision for a current generation fighting game that is HD than porting it to the Wii. By putting SFIV out on the PS3 and 360 Capcom maximized the number of sales that they would have gotten as opposed to releasing it solely on the Wii simply by looking at the raw numbers of the user bases. Then you factor in that the PS brand has been established as the fighting game platform for the last few years, and that the 360 and PS3 are generally more ‘hardcore’ consoles, and that a significant number of Wii users are overly casual gamers, you really have almost no reason for SFIV to ever be ported to the Wii. If gamers had a choice between getting SFIV for the Wii or a PS3/360 it’s evident that they would choose the HD consoles. If games like SFIV, T6BR, and other HD fighting games were downscaled to 480p from their arcade counterparts and put solely on the Wii they wouldn’t nearly sell as many copies.


You are confusing regular gamer with hardcore gamer. There is a wide range of gamers between the casual and hardcore extremes. Hardcore gamers are the people who play at EVO, WCG, spend hours watching YouTube and NicoVideo matches, and go on forums to analyze matches. They play RPGS and RTS for hours on end, edit wikis, and keep in touch with their respective scenes on a daily basis.

Regular gamers play things like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Halo, Uncharted, and so on. Games that don’t really require a studious or academic investment but mostly ask only lots of hours from the gamer. Those people are likely to buy SFIV, or Tekken, or Virtua Fighter, or whatever fighter, and play it for the costumes and the combos and the flash aspects. They are regular gamers who spends lots of money and hours gaming. They have no desire to become competitive, register at SRK or DL whatever, and go to EVO or SBO. They are the lifeblood of the PS3 and 360. They are anything but casual.

When I say casual I mean the person who owns a Wii but spends like two hours a month using it. And using it mostly for Wii bowling or some other extremely passive and pick-up-and-play style of gaming. That is casual. Sure SFIV might not be Guilty Gear or Virtua Fighter but it’s still far from a ‘casual’ game for kids or soccer moms to get into.

what the hell, did you just call my Final Fantasy not hardcore?

FF only requires time and it’s meant for mass appeal and not to be a huge challenge. I beat FFX, XII, XIII, and Chrono Trigger with ease. I beat FFX and CT once a year and it takes minimal effort. FF is story and character driven for the most part. You want a hardcore RPG then go play Demon’s Souls. That game is so hardcore it’s unreal. Demon’s Souls is unforgiving and brutal at every turn. Demon’s Souls is beyond hardcore in fact…just typing the name of the game gives me chills.

The ONLY thing I have heard that makes sense is the online thing.

Its a 3D game. There is no “animation limit” in the sense of comparing CPS2 with SNES or even PS1. Like someone said, the the lesser systems can run the physics engine. Again, the only taxing would be on the self shadows. But again, Tekken 4/5 and SC2/3 all have better looking models, background, and more crisp animation than IV.

Less content? If they did that it would be because THEY wanted to. 360 is DVD9 one or two of the Wii’s games is DVD9. I’m sure they can contain the same amount of data on the disc as the 360 version.

That’s the thing. Why the fuck is everyone taking it so god damned personally? Its not like it would actually have taken any effort to make the game on the lesser systems. Would it kill you if there were “lesser” versions of SFIV out there? You dont have to play them, so why bother? I bet the thread about Wii Fit Fighter IV probably echoes this thread with the responses.

And as far as “getting lucky” on arcade perfect ports of SFIV. That’s laughable. Just because the arcade hardware is more powerful than 360/PS3 does not mean that it’s taxing that hardware, and therefore taxing 360/PS3. This is not back when were playing on systems that could not match an arcade game. Arcade hardware is still a step ahead, but now they aren’t making any games that cant be done at home anymore. Back then, you had to play severly toned down ports back in SNES/Gens days, to the point they were re-drawn. Then when systems could display arcade graphics, they still lacked RAM for animation. Yeah, Darkstalkers wouldn;t have worked by any stretch of the mind on SNES or Gens. These arent those times. Look at GTA4 and Fallout 3… I’m sure those are MUCH more taxing on hardware than SFIV, and they run on home hardware. And unlike SFIV, THOSE games could never be done on Wii/PS2. THAT would be like comparing SNES SFA2 to CPS2 SFA2, or worse.

Actually I’d play it over SFIV.

I guess the fact that regular gamers like to play games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Mario Kart Means nothing? I mean all of those games sell like crazy, and are all quite a bit more involved than Wii Bowling. I mean Brawl, complain about it all you want, has sold almost 10 million copies. As much as some of us may not like that game, a lot of people are putting a lot of time into it. All I am saying is that I wish capcom would have made SFIV available to those kind of people, or at least more easily available, because maybe one of the ten million kids who played brawl is the next great fighting game player. I don’t think they should not support the HD consoles, but when the directors tell you the game can work on the Wii as it stands now without doing anything other than lessoning the graphics a bit, and that it will still play the same, I have to be a bit disappointed that they don’t release it on the Wii. Don’t we want these games to reach as many people as possible, so that we keep getting them? Am I the only person here who remembers what ti was like when the only new game in the last five years was CFE?