Just Wondering?


anyone know if anythings going on the night before (money matches,casuals) at caesar’s just wondering.if not? what time does anyone recommend getting there in the morning?


As far as getting there in the morning, I have no clue, and I’m not really helpful in this thread, but I’m going to The Beatles: LOVE Cirque du Soleil show on Thursday night.


that show is dope by the way you won’t be dissapointed.thanks though.


There are a lot of Money Matches/ Casuals in the process of being set up right now. Most of them are on Fri and Sat, but a few are Thursday evening. I’d check the threads here and on some of the game specific community sites for that info(Dustloop, Melty Bread, etc.)


i posted in the evo general faqs thread to see there are going to be any casuals thursday and they said there wasn’t going to be any and the only casuals are going to be in people hotel rooms


^ What this dude said.
Most people just get a gang load of people into one room and have casuals.

Last time I went to Evo we had about 12 or so people in one room playing 3S.


right on i appreciate the info dudes.


Someone will likely make a casual meet up thread, pm room numbers, whatever. Or they might use this thread.
Can’t really say till evo time.

BYOC is up all day Friday-Sunday but there always a fuckton of people in lines. I’d imagine even more so because of Super.


my bad dude, BYOC? sorry it’s my first EVO.


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