Just wondering

I’m pretty good with Fei, i can pull of his safest 6 to 7 hit combos. I can link his supers and ultras pretty well too. But how on earth do you pull of those Hard punch into fierce kick focus attack dash cancel into another fierce or cw. Is it impossible on a pad, is there a trick? Ive been playing for months now and pulled it off once in a game by accident, i got so excited that i got beat after that, I’m starting to think its not possible but I’m sure you guys are way more advanced then me. If you can tell me any tricks or tips that would be great. I see guides here but nothing for his very advanced links.

Wait… What?

Do you mean hp xx flame kick > FADC > chicken wing? Thats hardly an advanced link.

Yeah thats the combo also instead of cw you can do another fierce kick. Its must be advanced i just need some pointers. I play with a pad i cant seems to dash fast enough. Im sure with a stick i can do it easily.

It’s like asking somebody how to do a fireball, there’s no trick to it, you just have to do the motions in the correct order at the correct time. The only things I would think might help are setting a single button to do the focus attack so you can cancel the flame kick easier. You can also try using the shortcut motion for the CW, which I believe is B, F, UF. Also use the medium chicken wing, roundhouse version doesn’t combo on all characters and it’s just easier to use the forward version as it comes out faster.

ahh, ok ill try some of those tips thx