Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths



It looks good, but I’m not sure about the voice actors. Hopefully they do a decent job with the characters.


sweet I was looking forward to these! Green Lantern and Wonder Woman was great so they are building up a pretty good track record of comic to animation movies.


The same can’t be said for Marvel (yet). Disney should improve the movies.


Same here. I mean, I just fell in love with Kevin Conroy’s Batman all over again, recently. It’s going to be even harder to accept some other new guy.


Nice…DC has been pumping out some good animated features as of late.

It will be hard to hear another Batman though. Even in the New Frontier, it was kinda weird without Kevin Conroy. At least he’ll be in Superman/Batman.


would rather marv wolfman have written it


It sounds somewhat good until you read the voice actors.

Marc Harmon aka Agent Gibbs as Superman and not even Kingdom Come older Superman but a regular old Superman?


I was just about to mention…are any of these actors actually good VAs? I understand having celebrity names will sell more, at least in theory, and some of those names look familiar, but are these people just getting casted because they’ve been on TV shows, or are they good?


James Woods is amazing. I don’t know about any of the others, though.


lol wtf?


I agree James Woods is top tier material in anything he’d do. Gina Torres aside from looking delicious is good as well. But the rest are sort of odd.

I mean when I think Willy Baldwin as Batman that sounds campy as hell, but who knows maybe that is what they are trying to do with this movie.


umm yeah Hulk vs., Ultimate Avengers 1, and Next Avengers say hey wassup.


Warner Bros. needs to start putting out more TV series. While Batman Brave and the Bold is pretty good, I tend to miss the actual individual character series.


marvel should just do a true clonage saga movie and just fuck everyone over haha. i think the current kids that read comics should suffer the pain and agony i did when i was 13.


I think Disney purchased Marvel to make money, not to have a repeat of 1997 Marvel when they were almost bankrupt.


Nice but the 90s show clone saga was surprisingly better in the animated series.

And the kids that read comics today already suffered One More Day and Countdown to Infinite Crisis, isn’t that enough?


A first look at the animated movie-

Looks like it’s inspired by Morrison’s JLA-2 book, fuck year!


Mark Harmon sounds pretty good as Superman…


Cant wait. I hated Public Enemies animation style. Bring on the DCAU style pweeze. =)


I can’t imagine Batman with the voice of Kevin Conroy.