Justice League/DC movie thread


It was fully expected but I still like to complain because this studio doesn’t know how to make a superhero movie that isn’t just loud noises


I can’t believe for once Preppy said something reasonable


lol i dont get why dc writers have such a hard on for the name barry when they always take wallys personality. this version is straight up teen titans/20 yr old wally west lol.


I still don’t feel a connection to the characters sans the obvious ones (WW and MAYBE Bats), but I’m willing to give it a chance.


last week leading up to release, random new trailer with Green LATERN??? no chance…


prob cause he acted like an actual adult. barry never had adhd or was some neurotic fanboy.




Teen Titans Go sucks the original was bett…

(For real this needs to be on itunes/spotify etc)



Hahaha, good stuff!!


A broken clock is right twice a day.


Holy shit they did NOT just put Rhino from M.A.S.K. in that first video.

Gar is a fucking DinoRider.

And Tallyhawk at 2:09…

Why do we get tortured so?



They can’t put the dude in charge of the music videos in charge of the rest of the show?

Those were legit good. I’m shocked, because anytime I swooped in on TTG it was a shit-show.


lol waitin on that mixtape on datpiff.


The guy put the full song on SoundCloud but it was taken down. Can’t find a mirror.


Like someone else said, if TT GO were that clever all the time, it wouldn’t be hated so.

If anything, it proves these fucks are capable of smart writing, but just don’t give a fuck 99% of the time.


It wouldn’t fix the staff behind TTG from shitting on fanbases. They like to fire shots at fans of the original show and Young Justice.


That level of petty pot-stirring should be reserved for actually good shows based on beloved properties.


I’ll still watch TTG…Again eason 1 was meh. Season 2 is where it started to improve but midway through season 2 is where you get a lot of what those vids have. As I said before, the 03 Titans weren’t THAT amazing! A good show but both can exist. Now as for Young Justice…yeah well CN execs REALLY hated that show. I never watched it because it was never on when I was home and I didn’t get a DVR til recently. shrug

One of the better versions of Cyborg.


They have the success to enable that level of petty pot-stirring. They don’y care about the quality of the show when it’s a rating juggernaut and the network airs it all day everyday.


Thanks to quelzalcoatl for this.
I can’t wait for them for them to make a full lenght movie about this