Justice League/DC movie thread


This could be really good…or really bad.
No in-between.


It’s DC/WB… Always expect the worst.


A cheap AI did a better job at removing Cavill’s mustache than WB


It’s also Joaquin Phoenix, ain’t no director telling him what to do.



Holy shit!!!

So fucking beautiful!!!


The one thing I notice from those deleted scenes is how much I like the score there, versus the one in the movie. Dammit, Elfman.

King of the Brocean = me dead.


There will be a meeting at WB that no one will want to attend to try to figure out how Black Panther managed to outgross Justice League’s entire domestic gross in a single weekend. Heads will roll.



First Aquaman, now this…


That’s good news. Fuck Whedon


What got me is that he said he couldn’t think of a story. :lol:


They’ve already greenlit a Bronze Tiger movie starring Michael Jai White to capitalize on the Black Panther hype :whistle:


How long has it been since Michael Jai White appeared on Arrow? I liked his Bronze Tiger. :cry:


Another DCEU victim. Suicide Squad was made off limits for TV. DC has separate universes but still imposes character restrictions :unamused:


Apparently Flashpoint might just be a solo Flash movie now.


WB…look for a good female director.
Worked for Wonder Woman.


I’m not sure I agree. It makes WB look even worse. They have a reputation of interfering with their directors and making them the fall guy for their changes. Plus they can’t seem to keep any directors. It makes them look like what they are, a disorganized mess.


You must not have checked Twitter. The DCEU fanbase has actually come together to rejoice in this news. Like that is some beautiful shit to see Darc. :lol: I mean Joss has done been good directing female characters in the past but pressure from the Gen. Aud. about female directors is strong. People are throwing Greta Gerwig, Dee Rees, and Ava DuVernay as directors who they want to direct Batgirl. And with that being said, don’t be surprised if Rick Famuyiwa’s name comes back up for the potential Cyborg film.


I doubt WB would get Ava DuVernay. Marvel offered her Black Panther and she turned it down as she couldn’t make it her own project. DCEU would make much worse in that regard.