Justice League/DC movie thread


They should just do a John Stewart or Kyle Rayner-centric Green Lantern film instead of Hal Jordan, there’s a shitload of other lanterns and stories that they can adapt from. Heck, I’ll watch a Guy Gardner movie if they made it in line with his characterization in the books just because it’s so against the grain.


The 3 Joker’s plot is a bit of a reach for the casual audience member who isn’t caught up with the continuity they have set up in the books. Seeing as WB is a bunch of lazy-ass bozos, they wouldn’t bother going that route unless they have some measure of success in their current movie lineup.


Hope Joaquin does well…


Is this anything to get excited about?

If gif isn’t playing - direct link - https://i.imgur.com/m1uyklO.gifv



We’re apparently getting news on Birds of Prey today.
Aquaman gets its official poster + trailer Saturday

And Death of Superman was great, man that scene with the kid hugging Superman was heartwarming. What a fight Superman and Doomsday had

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Not sure if this is real or not but…


New Batwoman TV series coming…

Shazam getting that promo.


Is having a gay on TV really ground breaking? I guess if its a gay super heroe…


Unrelated to the current DCEU, but you can catch The Dark Knight on IMAX again on its 10th anniversary:


And also, leading her own series.



It’s on like Donkey Kong!


Wow…it’s dark.


It’s DC, they don’t know how to handle color.


That was a really edgy trailer. Got Dick dropping f-bombs and breaking people’s necks. If it was Damien I would be all for it but c’mon.


I agree…I just don’t see Dick Grayson acting like that.

Jason Todd and maybe an older Damian Wayne…sure.


Looks like trash.


I am disappoint.

What else is new, lol


I heard the first season is going to or might have mentions of Trigon. So it being dark is understandable.

Edit: I found this interesting.