Justice League/DC movie thread


I almost thought Jason Todd and Dick Grayson were twins in that pic, like WTF.

Wow, they’re still going for that $2 crack whore look on Starfire.


It’s crazy, Levar Burton’s daughter cosplayed Starfire better


That is fucking incredible.

Thank you, for sharing that.

clicks save as


Glad to help fam.


Starfire looks fine to me.


Well if that’s the case, Cavill ditching the cape and tights for a Walther PPK and bow tie then I’m all for it.



I don’t see a better Superman rn


Cody Rhodes wife Brandi wouldve been the perfect Starfire


No better?


^ I can’t stop laughing at this.


Arrowverse has its Lois…


Right up there with Keaton Batman as Best Worst ever.


So the crossover event could have Batman, right?!?!?!


She looks older than the dude that plays Superman. Is this another Henry Cavill and Amy Adams situation?


imma need rock to confirm some shit if he got the titans first 5 episode but i hear that trailer trolled the fuck outta the fans.


Amy Adams is sexy as all hell! As for her age, she’s 40’s now but, was still in her 30’s back when Man of Steel came out. Not that old at all. As for her character? It’s the same with Cavil’s Superman himself: Her Lois Lane has mostly only appeared in flicks directed by a crackpot.

Long story short: Zack Snyder treats every Superhero he gets his hands on like they are members of the (Snyder’s)Watchmen. All depressing, brooding, and tragic. Don’t believe me? Just look at Snyder’s personal passion project: Suckerpunch. Yup, it was basically like a depressing, all-female spin-off on Snyder’s watchmen.

Although i still Loved Watchman and maintain that it was good, they shouldn’t let Zack Snyder anywhere near characters that are brighter and optimistic like Superman. He’ll just dragg them down and turn them into depressing, brooding, shells of their former selves.


Amy Adams looks like a blown-out Mid-West housewife, who, under the make up, looks like she was blow-out by the time parking lots became passe during her stint in high school… provided she graduated 12th grade in the late 1950s.

Lois Lane, she ain’t.

She’s there to make Margot Kidder look like a not-bad choice in hindsight.


You’re really enjoying your role as the new Po Pimpus.


Those would be fighting words…

…if I WERE Po. :coffee:

As it stands, my ennui supersedes the potential fucks to be given.

And Bosworth is the best looking Lois Lane, bar none.

Though Kidder circa 1970 was superior.

During the 8 years between '70 and Supes, she hit more walls harder than even counter-clockwise super-sonic flight could remedy.


If they made a new Popeye movie. Kate Bosworth with be the perfect Olive Oyl. She’s about as shapely as a lower case “l”