Justice League/DC movie thread


Which makes her clearly above and away superior to Amy “Used Potato Sack” Adams, and Margot Cancer Survivor Pipercleaner" Kidder.

And Cancer Survivor >>>> Potato Sack.

Hell, CANCER >>>>> Mrs. Potato Sack.


Amy Adams single-handedly made me reconsider my life-long redhead fetish.

She also put me off of potatoes.


There have been eight actresses that have played Lois Lane, not including CW Lois Lane, in live action adaptations of Superman. Kate Bosworth is the least attractive of them all. Hell the vast majority of the voice actresses that have played Lois Lane put Kate Bosworth to shame. It wouldn’t be so bad if she did a good job acting out the role. She didn’t do that either. There is literally no redeemable value to her Lois Lane. Kal Penn did a better job in Superman Returns and he had no lines.


Superman Returns had no redeemable value full stop.

Unless you count the meta of Kevin Spacey shivving Supes, to which I actually laughed out loud in the theater.

Which still puts it head and shoulders above a middle aged potato sack being cast as anything other than aside.*

*No disrespect towards The Weakerthans intended.


Teri Hatcher >>>>>>> Kate Bosworth

Amy Adams is ok, I like her Lois, might not be my perfect choice but she gets the job done. The only thing I’d say is that Lois is a brunette in the comics. Idk I think Jessica Biel or Anne Hathaway woulda worked better, although they bring up the same issue about the age.


Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway are about the same age as Henry Cavill. They are all around 35. Age shouldn’t be in an issue.


Put the crack pipe down Azure



Who did the script for Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice, and Justice League?


Pretty sure it was Goyer.

Looks like he wrote MoS and Dawn but not JL.


Goyer isn’t working on any new movies. His attention is on the Krypton TV show.


I have not seen her lately but, back during MoS and BvsS, she was THE HOTTNESS. That scene with her in the tub in BvsS, basically the only good scene in that movie. If i were Superman i’d have smashed that on the spot too.

And she was sexy in that one movie too with the weird squid aliens. That ones that poop all the time, and telekineticlly shape it into “writing”.


This was her at the Oscars


Yea Amy Adams is hot imo.


First look at Mr. Phoenix as Arthur Fleck…aka The Joker.


Off to a great start I see!


give it a chance, said noone


William Defoe was the perfect choice sigh

until I see a trailer I shall keep my hopes up


Bosslogic at it again…


Amy Adams is slightly above average looks wise but defo a better actress than kate bosworth lol.

Young teri hatcher was the hotness tho.