Justice League/DC movie thread


I watched Lois & Clark religiously as a kid.


The Predator movie had the new Aquaman trailer…

Why they making him like Roman Reigns?


Does the new trailer contain spoilers? Even though it is an origin story Hollywood has been spoiling their movies for the last 5 years in trailers


Wasnt too spoiler-ish. tho there where some faces in there you might want to be surprised on…dunno.


Err, no. The size of her forehead alone is a big turn off and her face is boring to look at for long periods of time i.e in movies.


Everyone refuting Bosworth as Best Lois is making their argument from a false premise.

I never claimed Bosworth was hot.

Her comp is just THAT inferior - low grade Taco Bell hash posing as expired flash sale at the super market ground round tier.


Its just too bad you’re still wrong.


You are on an island by yourself with this one just let it ago.


Just let it ago?

So you admit it?

She’s too damned old?

Coolness. :tup:


Nah, that Bosworth is a terrible Lois. I mean you already shot your own argument in the foot when you said Superman Returns had no redeemable value. So I take that back, you already did admit that Bosworth was the worst Lois :rofl:



Learn to read critically, m’man.

I stated that Superman Returns has no redeemable value.

Which is true.

Don’t get me wrong.

Man of Steel is Terribad as a Superman flick.

But as a whole it manages to be better than Superman Returns.

Then again, so does prostate cancer.

Yes, prostate cancer would make a better Superman flick than either of those shites.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane has negative value.

Amy Adams is a scar pocket on the STD ridden anus of Man of Steel.


Meet Stargirl…


Damn and I was hoping for Kate Bosworth :rofl:


Legends of Tomorrow Stargirl is a bajjillion times hotter


She was on this show called “Bella and the Bulldogs” on Nick. I accidentally stumbled upon it trying to find the Nicktoons station. She played a cheerleader who becomes the starting quarterback for her high school team. I would post a video I saw on Youtube but I think some of the photos are of her under 18. No R. Kelly up in here!!



I hope that’s not the final look.

Then again…I realize that this is an origin film.



It looks so bad


I didn’t like Leto’s Joker since the early shots and we know how that turned out. This… I can dig. I trust Phoenix to deliver a good performance. The makeup is the least of my worries if the characterization is good.