Justice League/DC movie thread


I hated the look but thought his performance was fine we just didn’t get to see a fully formed character because they cut him out.


I concur, there must have been layers to the performance that didn’t get across due to the minimal screen time. Jared Leto has been known to really sink his teeth into his characters and it’s a shame they cut out a large part of his scenes. Could have positively added to Suicide Squad on the acting side. The narrative was shit though.



Am I the only one with no interest in this movie?


count me in too


They can’t get their main movies in lines. Why should I care about birds of prey? Pass


Is anyone named Martha?

We need solid plot devices.


I’m interested…


Me too… Only because I want more of Margot’s Harley. No Barbara sucks though.


Sources tell Variety that Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollett-Bell have been tapped to join Robbie in the comic-book spinoff, with Winstead playing Huntress and Smollett-Bell portraying Black Canary.


Something tells me Journee might drop out. I like MEW’s casting.




Not sure how I feel about that. Better than Starfire though.


Swamp Thing is building up…

…and some Titans.


Please don’t suck Titans… tbf they did a good job with Beast Boy here.


Well it’s coming soon…


Looks way, way better than the first trailer.
I can’t wait to finally see live action Jason Todd even if it’s not Red Hood, Donna Troy… Please don’t suck Titans.


The main man…


Actually, if they are doing standalone movies like Venom and Joker/Arthur IMO a Lobo movie would be fucking boss. Assuming it is the 90s Lobo and is R rated. I wanna see essentially an Al Bundy on steroids calling everyone a pussy right before he whoops some ass.

Coming to think about it, the current Jason Momoareigns could have worked as Lobo with some CGI


If Dave Batista is stepping away from playing Drax the Destroyer then I can totally see him playing as Lobo with some great comedic timing and savage demeanor in almost equal measure. His physicality alone lends well to playing the character.