Justice League/DC movie thread


Kaley Cucco as Harley Quinn…


Damn DC is making fun of themselves now.


It has Ivy. My wallet is already dead.


I love the fact that Poison Ivy sounds like Daria lol
I hope that was Kevin Conroy voicing Batman there, already looks and sounds to be my new favorite DC animated feature.


Doesn’t look like Kevin Conroy is involved…

The Harley Quinn voice cast also includes Lake Bell ( Wet Hot American Summer ) as Poison Ivy, Alan Tudyk ( Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ), Ron Funches ( Powerless ), JB Smoove ( Curb Your Enthusiasm ), Jason Alexander ( Seinfeld ), Wanda Sykes ( b lack-ish ), Giancarlo Esposito ( Breaking Bad ), Natalie Morales ( Bojack Horseman ), Jim Rash ( Mike Tyson Mysteries ), Diedrich Bader ( Veep ), Tony Hale ( Veep ), and Chris Meloni ( Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ).

During the Titans event, Doom Patrol ’s Brendan Fraser also took the stage to announce that Matt Bomer ( White Collar ) has joined the Titans spin-off as Negative Man. Bomer will voice Negative Man and play Larry Trainor in flashbacks, and Matthew Zuk will provide Negative Man’s physical performance. In the comics, Negative Man is radioactive superhero who can absorb and project energy, among other things.



The voice cast is awesome. I love Lake Bell and Alan Tudyk. Tony Hale is great too so I’m def looking forward to this.


Titans team up…


Jason Alexander??? I’m so in

Penguin: “I was in the pool! I WAS IN THE POOL!!!”


Interesting choice…


That’s the second Big Bang girl to VO Harley.


Brendan Fraser discussing Robotman…


Emmett J. Scanlan…as The Main Man.


I like it. Krypton got a top tier make up and costume department.


Agreed, their version of Doomsday looked better than the BvS one hands down.


“The water was cold!”
Art Vandelay BS, classic



So…are they moving from SyFy?


Dirty pool, I actually like that show.


It’s not moving. Krypton will be available to watch for their service.

A lot of people in that Twitter thread wants Gotham to be moved to the service.


Hyped for Aquaman…