Justice League/DC movie thread


Aquaman is about to be :fire::fire::fire:!


Why did they spoil that action scene… They legit showed two unedited mins of black manta showing up…

It looks Guud tho, I am excited this might be the DC movie we needed


Oh my god Amber…


Overall the movie looks promising. May I complain about CGI for a moment.
Obviously the undersea stuff needs to be CGI, I rolled my eyes at the land action sequences they look green screen and void of weight and threat, however, there was one shot that looked ridiculously badass. At the 4:15 there is a shot from below looking up at Heard’s character Mera jump between buildings with the Black Manta literally bursting through the balcony into a ninja roll, then we see Mera rag doll through the air. That was epic! unfortunately I doubt there will be many more scenes like that :frowning:


Why they doing Aquaman like Roman Reigns


I welcome this…


If ever there was a proper time to reboot the whole Universe, this would be it.

Give him full reign, and let him redeem DC.


It’s not like he can make suicide squad any worse. The first one was garbage.


I know that.

I don’t want him to have to deal with having to wash out the aftertaste of what was vomited onto the screen previously.


“Give him full reign”

Is DC capable of such a thing? I know they tried to make Suicide Squad into their version of GoTG but I’m not gonna hold my breath. I’m expecting the classic, director leaves due to studio disagreements.


CBS will try again…


They are capable. They’ll let him make the film he wants. He’ll send in his final cut of the film and have him chop out 30 minutes ruining it.


Saw the first episode of Titans. Robin needs to calm the fuck down. The way he brutalized those thugs is unbecoming of him. Stabbing people with pistols and knives, scrapping a guy’s face on a broken car window, snapping bones like twigs. Frank Miller’s Batman is tame compared to this Robin.

Starfire casually killing people and not giving a fuck. That’s quite a departure.


Is it true he stabs a dude in the dick/balls with garden shears?


That’s not true.


Imbalanced dangerously repressed flaming gayness just bursting out of the Abercrombie chain spot’s closet levels of rage, sociopathic backflipping billboard-for-Prozac psycho Robin with a sadistic SWATH, and Sugar Daddy issues galore.

Truly a paragon of justice.

If Snyder were God, this would almost make sense.


It’s a movie? This is the DC movie…


Meet young Alfred Pennyworth…


Man…that’s a wait.


Yeah, I don’t think this is ever coming out.