Justice League/DC movie thread


Gambit: Fox as Flash: WB


He’s the worst cast member of a badly miscast ensemble that features Twiggy Wonder Woman, British Superman, Redneck Aquaman, Shoe-Horned Cyborg, and Ben Affleck as Batman.

That’s… a bad look.

It’s hard to imagine being Snyder than that.


TBF Gadot as WW wasn’t so bad really. Same with Cavill. I certainly did not appreciate Eisenberg as Luthor or Leto as Joker. Jewish Flash idk, is like he is Wally but is presented as Barry so meh. Cyborg actor is not the issue, is the bad CG. Give me a good Green Lantern movie (Hal or John idc) and a solid Shazam/Black Adam movie and we’ll go from there


They have Hawaiian rednecks now?


I KNOW, right?

Something something something in the water.


Sweet god, after the Ryan Reynolds GL… I don’t think my childhood memories could take another hit like that.



Fuck them for dropping Cavill. Hope they get Leto Jokers in all their movies. I will actively sabotage their next Superman movie if it does really involve the other, other MJ


Locals with the redneck mentality and behavior are called “moke” here in Hawaii.

Momoa is no way a moke.


I don’t know how many times they’ve tweeted this out. LMAO!!!


They dropped Cavill?


He’s rocking that mainland Southern twang.


Rumors are heavy that he’s gone. Cavill, to his own credit, hasn’t said shit and has still posted pictures of himself in Supes shirts. But it isn’t looking good.


No, he’s doing the Roman Reigns. With voice too…



Thoughts on Titans? First episode was good but imo constantly switching the focus between characters storylines sucked and ruined the flow.
Episode two was better because it didn’t. Dick needs to CHILL while fighting thugs, it’s obviously a character arc (Starfire will probably have a role in it too) but damn. Apart from that I’m enjoying the show so far.
Dick and Rachel scenes were good, Hank and Dove were fantastic… I wasn’t hopeful about the show but now I can’t wait for ep 3.


This is gonna be a long wait.


Reign of the Supermen trailer…


Raven’s powers are an allusion to horror movies. So yea, show is good.


So every day i hear more crap about Cavil being gone. Which is a damn shame because his Superman has yet to see a Good, and proper movie.

Man of Steel, at best, was a Decent origin story about a generic alien coming to earth and struggling to be accepted and rectifying his past…who cosplayed as Superman. But it was Not a good SUPERMAN MOVIE.

Then you had Batman v Superman which was even worse, Hack Snyder going Full-Watchmen with the characters.

Justice League was the best his Superman looked but, he was barely in the movie.

Cavil leaving before his Superman has a movie worth two shits would be a damn shame, and they might as well reboot the DCEU if that happens anyway.