Justice League/DC movie thread


There is a reason why Aquaman and the second Wonder Woman movie are getting pushed forward ahead of Flash.

Flash’s actor is getting steady work with the Potter prequels, so he’s set.

Momoa and Gadot have yet to actually get themselves grounded and established as faces, beyond bit parts (yes, Drogo was every bit as bit as Gizzy was RIP), so it kind of makes sense from the incestuous Mob mentality standpoint of Hollywood.


I agree if Cavil really is gone, than consider myself one of the ones no longer really interested in the DCEU.

Much to the same case for me when Chris Evans finally hangs up the Captain America Shield after the Infinity Wars because that was my dude within the entire MCU and the only real reason why I continued watching the Marvel movies.

It is sad that Cavil in Justice League was to me the best incarnation of Superman he had, but as you said, his screentime was next to nothing. This felt like the Superman that I know and have the 'good feels" about.

Even though Justice League wasn’t great, I was really looking forward to the potential of Affleck, Cavil, Gadot, Mamoa.

Personally, I want to see Affleck and Cavil in one Really Good Super Hero movie, just one.

They deserve better than this, and I’m really saddened that if all of this is true, than my interest for the DCEU will have taken a decline.


Young Bruce and Alfred have been cast in the Joker movie…


A good choice…


Hey look…it’s Doom Patrol!


Interesting choice…


Interesting proof of not being a movie star.

I mean beyond losing opening weekend to irl penguins.


BOP is shaping up nicely. The last major left to cast is Cass.


Swamp Thing and Stargirl get new additions…


Been enjoying Titans so far. Has it’s moments but enjoyed the Doom Patrol ep.


Show got pulled off Netflix UK for some reason, it’s still sat in my to watch list but there are no episodes.


I gotta know…did Fraser nail it?


The Doom Patrol episode is a backdoor pilot for their series. Definitely want more so it did it’s job.


I felt for everyone and wanted to know much more…so yes Frasier and Co nailed it.


Swamp Thing has found its host…


I read that they’re just waiting to publish the whole season at once.
I love the show, can’t wait for Jason Todd in the next ep!


Just caught up on Titans and I must say that this show is mad dark and gritty…and I love it. Anna Diop would so get it in her Starfire costume.


Meet the Floronic Man…and a cop.


Every woman has gotten into or wants to get into Robin’s pants.


I’m still waiting for Constantine announcement for Swamp Thing.