Justice League/DC movie thread


So this Titans thing can be watched how?

Also, it seems like this timeline is the same timeline as Nolan Ryan’s The Dark Knight, correct? With a dark Batman and not the Batman VS Superman stuff…


Christopher Nolan.


DC Universe streaming service in the US and Netflix everywhere else


I’ll stick to my free DC Universe streaming service (The CW App)…



Saw episode 6 of Titans, they f*cking nailed Jason like he was perfect.
Man has a blast being Robin, picks fights left and right, brutal and angry, takes jabs at Dick every chances he gets but still tries to impress him…
For a first live action appearance I’m not disappointed.


I loved Todd too, u see just how fucked up Batman made him. The writing is on the wall. He will be meeting Jokers crowbar soon, hopefully on the show and not offscreen…

And Dick straight up let dude get murked…thats on him, not Batman.


I watched Batman Ninja this weekend. Had beautiful animation and scenography including shots and color palettes. The story wasn’t that whack imo until the Sentai part lol. Even then, greatly satisfied by the movie. Watched it in Japanese with subs btw


that movie was dumb. AND YOU FUCKING KNOW IT. damien learned to talk to a fuckin monkey. dick gave batman a cutscene video game tutorial on ninjas. the joker had a fuckin giant joker robot…in feudal japan.


Mad about movies about comics being unrealistic and silly? What


its more the fact they took every anime trope they could think of and fit it into a movie. EVERY SINGLE ONE


You make that sound like a bad thing. Embrace our anime overlords


That film had potential. I agree about the sentai shit was too stupid. Like a million monkeys AND bats combine to make a giant bat robo… Wttfff? It was pretty serious for a while until it got to that bit.

Thankfully I kind of saw it coming when I realised there were five moving castles.


Being stupid is what I liked about Batman Ninja.


Considering some of the biggest and most absurd wtf reasons as to why characters win or lose in comic books, what I saw in the Batman Ninja incarnation is all pretty much falling within the same category.

I enjoyed it for it’s craziness as well, and the storyline wasn’t all that great either, however the animation was really nice and Damn…Poison Ivy. :heart_eyes:


Aquaman final trailer…


lol @ the classic aqua man costume at the end. It has not aged well. That looked fucking terrible.


Holy shit I can’t agree any harder.

Edit: like why not just give em the green scale pants and stay shirtless or something? I’ve always hated this aquaman look, legit nothing anyone does will make it look good.


What is most frustrating about trailers today, and this is for both DC and Marvel or practically anything else is that they simply show Way Too Much. At this point it almost feels like I’ve already seen the entire movie, and that’s frustrating.

I hope that a lot of what they showed in the trailers were either unused or will be altered scenes, quotes or whatever.

This movie is hyped, don’t get me wrong, but I really would like it if Trailers went back to what they used to be…you know teasers that just gave you an idea of what possibly may be happening.

Am I going to see this movie still? Yep, so I guess regardless the studio wins lol.

On board in that the OG Aquaman costume looks…bad. You could’ve done something that could’ve been “similar” but changed it’s color and look to not make it look so…ugly. I mean, the color is almost bright orange like an individual going out hunting whom has to wear blaze orange hunting gear to not get shot.

Otherwise, thus far, that’s my only real gripe with the movie, and I hope that this is a gem within the DC side.


marvel doesnt reveal too much. they literally put in fake stuff to throw you off. They take whole characters out of scenes or add them into scenes that didnt show them in trailers.