Justice League/DC movie thread


Spiderman Homecoming is an example to me of showing way too much. By the time I got done watching the trailers, I already knew the plot, and that Peter would go through a problem, and Tony Stark stating you have to be better, important quotes or statements that should be kept away from the trailers, along with them having to save people upon the boat in pivotal moments.

They’re guilty of it as well,and Homecoming was one of the trailers that came to my mind instantly.

Certain trailers in the past for me that did a great job was like the original Alien, to Inception to Godzilla 2014. Godzilla 2014 trailers were some of the best in recent time imo, because within those teasers, they Never showed you Godzilla outright with only shadow glimpses along with a good pace that simply made you hyped for it.


Black Manta looks :fire:


Homecoming trailer had to be Sony’s doing. Marvel made the movie but Sony did the distribution and marketing.


You could just not watch them. Its really not that hard.


I for one think that OG costume is actually pretty coo


kiss my ass…no one saw the vulture/daughter plot twist coming from the trailer


Who’s the red hed chick?


mera his future wife


The official title for the Birds of Prey movie…


Donna Troy…on this show?
Hope it’s not a one off.


Gotta say Titans is wayyy better than I though it would be. Easily my favorite thing coming out of DC other than it’s animated shit.


Even with Detroit hooker Starfire?


Ahh, you reminded me I hate her every time she’s on the screen. Only finished 5 episodes, but Starfire is legit the only negative I got with show at this point. Sucks that I can like the rest of the show so much, but hate this one actor/character.


Is the Starfire hate a black thing? Lol


Its because she doesnt look anything like the comics and looks like a tranny.

Personally I have nothing against black chicks getting gigs for normally white characters (i.e tessa thomson vallyrie). But this was the wrong call completely IMO.


Only Starfire was never white. She’s a orange alien. Any woman can play her.


Man shut the fk up with the bullshiieett. You google starfire and what you see is a white chick with orange skin.

Is it entirelty unfathomable that whoever created starfire had a whitechick in mind with whitegirl features?

Its very simple. Take almost any picture of starfire. Make it black and white. Then ask a non comic nerd what “race” they think the character represents and I can assure 99% of the time they wont say black chick thats for sure.

Its a fact different races have certain features that at common to them. People from the far east have small eyes, straight hair in general. If starfire was an asian looking chick with orange skin are you still going to use the same bullshit argument?

Anyways my issue witu titans isnt that they cast a black chick, itd that the cast the “wrong” black chick. Kat Graham for example would have been better and looks closer to the comic starfire than this one.


Levar Burtons daughter who is black made a much better Starfire cosplay imo…